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How the fear of losing a bet decreases our chances of winning it

One of the most common mistakes made by the sport betting punters is the fear of losing, which means maximal focus on trying not to lose the bet, instead of focusing on how to win one, get potential profits and achieve overall success in sports betting. How does it happen and where does it lead to? How to avoid such situation? We will answer these questions, among others, in this betting guide. 

What is the fear of losing a bet?

The fear of losing a bet is nothing else as a simple mistake of recognition, which we make when we are too afraid of making too risky adventurous and sometimes even risky decisions, that very often can bring us some profits. This fear prevents us from making such decisions because we are too afraid of losing that we do not want to even try. The reasons behind this happening is simple biology and the genetic heritage we inherited from our ancestors or even from our previous encounters from far or recent history.

How the fear of losing a bet decreases our chances of winning it

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