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Punters always struggle to choose the bookmaker they would stick to for a long time. The question that always bothers is which one is the best? We are here to help by sharing our years of experience in sports betting with you. What should you consider when choosing your online bookmaker? What companies offer the most competitive odds, and which bookies offer the best bonuses and promotions? Which bookmakers are more trustworthy and which ones have the best offer? The answers to these and many other questions could be found in this very section.

What to pay attention to when choosing your top online bookmaker?


  • Sportsbook offer - one of the fundamental points to check when choosing a bookmaker. Each and every tipster has their own favourite sports, leagues, type of bets and so on. That is why you have to check whether or not this particular bookmaker satisfies your needs. Which sport does this book specialise in? Does it offer markets for lower divisions? Does it offer Asian handicaps, and if yes, how many? Does it have a cashout option? Those are only some questions that you need to answer before making your first deposit at any of the top online bookmakers.


  • Odds competitiveness - another crucial point you have to pay attention to when choosing your online bookmaker. A betting margin that every bookmaker imposes on every single bet they offer directly affects the competitiveness of its odds and, therefore, their attractiveness to the client. Everyone knows that the higher the odds, the more you can win and have better chances of making profits. Believe us or not, but even just a couple of percent will make a huge difference in the long run. Who would ever say no to extra money anyways? It is also worth mentioning that some bookies specialise in individual sports and have a substantially better offer for those specific markets. Some bookmakers might focus more on the English Premier League while others would have the best offer for the NBA.


  • Limits - regardless of whether you are a recreational bettor who places a couple of bets a week or a professional punter, who stay on top of the odds day and night, you will not escape the never-sleeping eye of the bookmaker. As soon as you hit a winning streak, the bookmaker will sooner or later limit your account. This would completely eliminate the fun part of it and make it rather pointless to continue. That is why you have to check where does your chosen bookmaker stand when it comes to limits.


  • Payment options - right after registration, you will surely come around making your first deposit. That is where you will face another important point in picking the right online bookmaker. You also need to check it beforehand to know what to expect. Make a short research to find the book that has the most available payment options to make your depositing & withdrawing instant and secure.


  • Customer Support - this one is more important than you think. You do not really need customer support service every day, and some of us might rarely use it at all, but there are those days, and trust us they will come, when you would have no idea about what is going on and the customer service agent will be the only person on this planet that would be able to help you. There is a saying, it is better to be safe than sorry, that perfectly describes the situation with the customer service. Check in advance whether your chosen bookmaker has a competent and helpful support team, not to stress over issues that might arise when interacting with it. The best way to check is to read the customer review, as they will tell you the first-hand opinion. What is also important to know is which hours they operate, whether or not they have a live chat, their response timeframe, again, competence, and, of course, friendliness.


  • Bonuses and promotions - this might not be the most important thing to look at when choosing the bookmaker, but let’s be honest, the majority of us will definitely give the preference to a sportsbook with the best welcome offer and the most frequent & generous bonuses and promotions. That is completely fine. The only thing here is not to get fooled by those companies that hide their trustworthiness and credibility behind their “generous” promos. More about the relevant bonuses and promotions could be found in this section.


  • Reviews - before making your final decision on which top online bookmaker to pick, we suggest reading some betting forums or blogs where you can find experts’ reviews and opinions. We are not saying that you have to look for such information only at There are plenty of other reliable web-portals where you can find professionally prepared bookmakers’ reviews, which outline their strong and weak sides, their betting offers, odds competitiveness, bonuses and promotions, etc. It is always good to find a couple of different sources to shape your own objective opinion about the particular bookmaker.


  • Users’ feedback - besides experts’, it is also worth checking the customers’ opinion and feedback. Who knows the bookmaker better if not them? So, where can such information be found? Well, first of all, you have to look at various betting-themed forums and blogs. Those places are swarming with comments, opinions, feedbacks and ratings. Be aware that there are lots of purposely hired people that post on these websites. It is highly recommended to verify those comments and posts, not be a victim of misleading information.

American bookmaker established in 1994, Bovada is one of the biggest betting operators in the United States.

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