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NBA guide: The best strategy of how to pick an NBA MVP Winner

NBA basketball is very dynamic and relies the most on the best individual player not only among American sports.

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Nobody has more influence on his/her team performance than the NBA MVP. You can be the best quarterback in the world, but if your offensive line is weak, you will get sacked. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best striker or midfielder your team will lose if your defence sucks. Only the NBA MVP can single-handedly carry the team to the Finals.  

As you could have already figured out, today, we would like to explain you the In’s & Out’s of NBA MVP betting.

Look for the best teams

It is commonly accepted that the Most Valuable Player is the one with the best stats, but it’s not the only thing it takes, the value to a team plays a critical role as well. Being good is not enough, you have to be great.

Let’s take a look at the MVPs of the last decade from 1982 to 2018. In a span of 38 players, 30 represented the first-seeded team, 6 of them were representing the second-seeded one, 1 was on the 3rd seed team, and 1 was listed on the roster of the 4th. Moreover, 95% of all the MVPs from the last decade came from just 4 teams, top two of the Eastern and Western Conference.

Filtering those teams out is a good start of the selection process. 

The headliner

There is no formula for this but trust us there is a direct relationship between having a great storyline and winning the MVP title. The MVP winner is selected by anonymous voting of sports media and not the player or fans. And we all know how bad media people like to follow the hype. Number and wins are important, but if you have nothing to back it up with in terms of having a historical season or setting the All-time NBA record, then you are likely to miss the spotlight.

Predictability of sports disciplines

A great example will be Steve Nash, who in 2006 posted a 50/40/90 (50 or above field goal %, 40 or above three-pointer %, 90 or above free-throw %), joining the club of just very few elite players. Lebron “The King” James posted a 4th best PER in NBA history during the 2008-2009 season. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors set an NBA three-pointers made record in 2015 and led its team to a historical 72-wins season the following year.

It doesn’t really take much to find a great storyline, so just look around.

Hall of Fame candidates

There are plenty of awards the one can win in the NBA. And all of them besides the one have had some random winners. We’ve seen busts winning the Rookie of a Year, really unknown players getting the Most Improved Player and really useless guys receiving the Defensive Player of the Year awards.

The list is long, but we are not talking about them, we are talking about the MVP, the one and only, the best of the best, top elite player award, where there is no room for uninvited guests. Since the first MVP title was handed in 1956, there has not been a player that was not on the current or the future Hall of Fame list.

The biggest wins in the betting world

There was only one exception, and that is Derrick Rose, who became the youngest MVP in NBA history at the age of 22, before facing a series of knee injuries that destroyed his very promising career.

There is probably not going to be a dark horse to win the MVP race, so you better put your eyes on the player who, for sure, will have his name next to Michael Jordan.

Look for shooters/scorers

If you would look at the last 12 MVPs starting from 2008, you will see that 10 out of 12 winners were among the top 5 per game scorers. Since 2014, 5 out of 6 MVPs led the NBA in scoring. Seems like a legit relationship, right?

Points have always been an important factor. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the MVP title six times, holding the NBA’s unbreakable career points record of 38,387. There’s also a growing tendency of points’ importance as the game becomes more dynamic.

Just find a sharp shooter who has all the above features, and you will have an undisputed MVP candidate to bet on.

This is all you need to know about the efficient NBA MVP betting. We hope you found it useful and would like to come back for more very soon.

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this season and the previous one must be completely off. try using another approach


actually, very helpful guide. im 2:0 so far predicting mvps

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