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How the fear of losing a bet decreases our chances of winning

One of the most common mistakes made by the sport betting punters is the fear of losing, which means maximal focus on trying not to lose the bet, instead of focusing on how to win one, get potential profits and achieve overall success in sports betting. How does it happen and where does it lead to? How to avoid such situation? We will answer these questions, among others, in this betting guide. 

How the fear of losing a bet decreases our chances of winning it

What is the fear of losing a bet?

The fear of losing a bet is nothing else as a simple mistake of recognition, which we make when we are too afraid of making too risky adventurous and sometimes even risky decisions, that very often can bring us some profits. This fear prevents us from making such decisions because we are too afraid of losing that we do not want to even try. The reasons behind this happening is simple biology and the genetic heritage we inherited from our ancestors or even from our previous encounters from far or recent history.

In normal life, it is shown when people that have a lot of this fear do not develop their careers and do not make any risks while getting new acquaintances and even if they do some of those things, their first thought is that they will fail miserably and it was not worth a try (for example by stating that they will never pass their driver license when entering their driver license course or when thinking that they will never get their dream job even before the applying for it). Why those people have this problem, why does it keep happening to them?

Loss means there has been an activity, it does not mean You are a loser

People tend to wrongly treat every failure and mistake their made very personally. Using the example from above, we can analyse that the potentially failed driver license exam would be a catastrophe not because of the mistakes of the person who is driving, not because of the lack of knowledge but because this person is simply no good for anything and similarly it is not because of the hot coffee that our applicant threw on his potential boss at his job interview but because they are overall hopeless and have two left hands. 

Remember! Every failure points out ONLY on the activity You made (and which You can do better in the future) and not about You as a person! Even if You failed the driving license exam nine times at the same crossing, does not mean that today will be the same and You will fail again this way.

Fear of losing in sports betting

This phenomenon can be very easily applied to the sports betting. But in this case, it is not like by being afraid of losing the bets, the punters stop betting at all, no, they just do it whole other way and very different from what they are used to and were planning to do.

How many times did it happen to You that after few lost single bets in a row, You begin to create an multiple bet with the so-called Sure Bets? Or when seeing that Your bankroll is dangerously dwindling You completely change your carefully planned strategy and decide to place bets on “safer” events and betting markets? We think that it may have happened to You more than one or two times and everything is connected with the fear of losing. At the same time, You will not start making profits from Your sports betting if You will not realize that few losses are a natural part of sports betting and even the best punters lose dozens if not hundreds of wrongly predicted bets. 

Winston Churchill once said that “The success is the ability of coming to terms between the losses by not going miserable”. Of course, by that, we do not mean we wish You a series of dozen lost bets, but if you want to be serious about Your sports betting and not to treat it as an adventure but more professionally, sooner or later, there is a good chance that something like this will happen to You. As we mentioned before, it may be sad, it may be frustrating, but it happens to every punter. It is nonetheless important to keep Your cool and learn a lesson from it, to get even in the long term and maybe even start making profits. Sometimes it may be very painful but every loss is a useful lesson that contributes to our experience as a person and a punter and makes us better. Of course, if we want, and know how to do it.  

Know Your enemy!

If You noticed that in crisis situations You are overwhelmed by the fear of losing the bet, You have to answer the question: What exactly You fear about? What awful will happen if You lose another bet? Close Your eyes and imagine the worst scenario that could happen. Exactly! If you are not a bankrupt person with no money at all and You do not have huge loans, nothing very bad should happen to You! It’s like in case of every gambling activity, You win or You lose. You have to remember that You can lose, but do not think constantly about it because You will never win. you just lose one bet, like You could have lost dozens before and like You will not win hundreds in the future. It’s normal when it comes to gambling and sports betting, You have to lose some if You want to win some. Despite all things, You will have plenty occasions to get an even or even make profits, it may happen today, but it can happen tomorrow, be patient and have cold-head.  

Learn from Your mistakes

You surely seen hundreds of interviews with football players and we “bet” that only handful of them were the ones where the players are ashamed and sorry for their loss and think it was their fault. Usually, the losers explain they gave their best but the opponent was simply stronger that day and most of all, this loss is a gift from heavens as now, they are more motivated and have a good lesson for future analysis to get better. they claim it is only a small bump that will help them to get better in the future, and their confidence is not broken, it’s the opposite, its even stronger.

You should do the same. If You lose the bet, so what? It does not matter that much. You did everything You could. You made a thorough analysis of situation in both teams, you checked the lists of injured players, the suspensions, the bookings, the morale, the fatigue, even the top priorities of both teams and their goals for this season. What else You could do? There is no way that You could get on the pitch and helped them to put the ball in the net to win that bet! Therefore, from the moment You make that bet, nothing depends on you anymore, You did what You could and now it is all about the players, the referees, the managers, even luck, but not You. Even if You lose, do not think it is the end of the world, but try to learn a lesson from it for further analysis what to do and what to try to omit in the future.

Maybe I could do something more? Did I considered everything when making this bet? The knowledge and experience You get will help You to make a better choices next time and Your hand will definitely do not tremble the next time You make the bet. A man learn from his mistakes - You know this saying, right? We believe that this saying is one of the wisest and nothing (even :D) will help You to omit completely the mistakes as will the experience from past failures. Of course, if You get correct message from them.

You have weak temper and not nevrses of steal? Do not try Live-betting!

Do not get us wrong. Overcoming your weakness of fear of losing a bet does not mean that You should be a stubborn man and try to outplay the destiny. If the statistics clearly show that You have correctly predicted 19 betting coupons on the NBA in a row or that Your last bet on German Bundesliga football match You won in October 2009, the common sense says to not to play with destiny too much and you should try Your luck elsewhere.

Or maybe You are afraid of too high stakes when it comes to the percentage of Your overall betting budget? Is Your bankroll the reasons for Your stress? By placing Your bets under stress and pressure, it will be very hard for successful betting and getting profits. We do not say it is easy, but try to make the decision of making a bet to be made in more comfortable environment. Maybe it will not completely erase the possibility of losing, but it will surely decrease the chances of making common perception mistakes.

Imagine Your sports betting success

Going back to our first example of driver license exam and job interview, by getting into that car with the feeling that You do not remember on which side is the gas and on which the brake or when by going to this job interview when entering the door You think that from all people that are waiting with You for their job interview appointment you deserve the position the least, Your chances for the success in these situations are close to zero. It is very similar in sports betting. 

If before you press the “Place a Bet” button, You think that it would take a miracle for this bet to get You money, do not complain that the red colour in Your betting account is the most visible one. Only by being confident and choosing with Your cold-head you can become a part of the few people that make long-term profits on sports betting.

Or maybe You like to be afraid?

At the end, we prepared something for punters who simply love the thrill and like to have emotions in their sports betting. They like to place a bet on some game at the online bookmaker for smaller (or if they can, for higher) stake, only to crazy-out before their TV from the excitement. We will be honest with You, we prefer different forms of injecting Endorphins into  our bloodstream, but we do not see anything wrong in that type of activity. Bottom line, we are almost certain those types of punters will not read this article, they will probably not read a single tutorial from our website as they are just not the ones these are intended for.



With sports betting its just like in sports - your skills and talent is like 10% of your succes and the rest is ib your head and mental. Only strongest of the strongest can be good

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