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Most common errors committed by punters.

We wanted to write this article for a long time now, but we wanted to do it in the best way possible. That’s why we have collected information, conducted interviews with tipsters and analysts, to be able to show you in a nutshell what is preventing you from succeeding. And here it is. Find out the most common sports betting errors.

Punters errors

What are the errors committed by punters?

Some time ago we noticed that our articles and guides are dominated by texts like "How to succeed in sports betting?" or "How to outplay a bookmaker?" - we generally have a whole lot of articles about what to do, but we have not had so far, a single thing about what absolutely not to do. Time to fix it! Find out what errors are most often committed by inexperienced punters and check whether you are not a in this group.

  • Lack of knowledge - elementary matter and not worth writing whole essays about it. It is difficult to succeed in any field without adequate knowledge. If, therefore, you woke up one morning and decided to become a perfect punter even though you have not been interested in sports until now, your path to success can be a bit tougher and confusing than those who already have that knowledge. Which doesn’t mean that this is an impossible task. We know excellent tipsters who have become professional league or discipline specialists, although they have been dealing with something completely different in life. Generally speaking - if you already have that knowledge, it is good. if not - the time’s right to catch up.
  • No plan / tactics - in sports betting, just as in sports it is hard to succeed without well-chosen tactics. Therefore, it is wise to adopt some strategy of the game, set goals and strive to achieve them. Each punter has his own unique style, so tactics chosen by other players do not necessarily work for him - it is worth creating your own betting model (obviously not created from thin air, but worked out on the basis of observations and experience of other punters). So then, what kind of bets will become our specialty (Single / Accumulator), how will we manage our funds, and what profit we want to earn at the end of the period (week / month / year). A clearly defined goal is easier to realize, remember it!
  • No specialization - "Who is good in everything, is not outstanding in anything". This is the opinion that every punter should burn with a hot iron on his forehead. Talking to you, we were shocked, how many punters bets on everything remotely possible. Basketball? Here you are! Hockey on the grass? Why not! Political events? Sure, I listen to the radio in the car on the way to work! And so on... Believe us, That’s not the way. All of the world's leading punters specialise in one, maybe two sports. What's more, they choose two top three leagues and focus exclusively on them, the rest doesn’t interest them. To succeed in sports betting (and that’s why you are here) you have to be outstanding specialist in several specific leagues.
  • Multiple accumulators - this error should actually be addressed in the first place. The huge percentage of profits made by bookies comes from casual players who, without any preparation or analysis, form the so-called "tapeworm", a bet made of a dozen or more types (we also saw many coupons made of dozens of events, more like a receipt from Tesco during the Christmas shopping frenzy than one from a bookie). That’s certainly not a good strategy. 80% of the best players are betting on singles, we also know few pros typing double bets, namely accumulators consisting of two events. Everything above that, in a long run ends with a catastrophe in 99% of cases
  • Greed - frequent error of the fresh-made punters. It grows from the same motives, as the "tapeworms" quoted earlier - the desire to make a quick and easy profit. In the world of sports betting haste is not the best advisor, and if you want to be a successful punter, then you need to focus on a long-term process (that’s why it is so important to set goals for yourself). Instead of counting on a "jackpot" on your first week, try to appreciate even smaller, but regular gains.
  • Lack of regularity - Sports betting is not ditch digging, where weekly schedule will be done on Monday and Tuesday, with the rest of the week spent on admiring the landscape. Hard work, and above all, systematicity. In the world of sports and betting every day and every hour brings so much new information that to keep the latest and most valuable, we have to keep an eye on the discipline we want master. At the same time we suggest - just as in any other industry, in sports betting alike, it is much easier to succeed if this job (because it is a job like every other) will give you fun and pleasure - just like it gives us. If not, you’re absolutely not disqualified, but it is certainly easier and more fulfilling to turn work into something you enjoy.
  • Willingness to win back immediately - so called hot head is a commonly seen symptom among beginners. In most cases, the “black series” (ie, a pass of four, five or more losing bets in a row), triggers the need for immediate reaction. Moreover, we know players who have to win at least one bet before they go to sleep - they just can’t get a rest without the feeling of success. And for them it doesn’t matter if it is the 4th badminton league in the Maldives, of which they haven’t got the slightest idea. For them it’s important to play immediately! Right now, right here. The result is, needless to say, the opposite of the intended one.
  • Overconfidence - strong psyche is one of the main factors affecting success or lack of it. Players can be tempted not only in the black series, but also in the complete opposite situation. The perfect score in few bets in a row can fuddle even the most focused brain. It is essential to be careful especially during winning streak - being too self confident weakens our alertness. That’s when we start betting without solid preparation and analysis. This is successful only in exceptional cases. Like once in - you know - never.
  • Depending on intuition - many pseudo-punters bets are driven solely by the "player’s instinct". Not a factual analysis, not statistics, but an idea of ​​a match. Such a strategy in the long run has no chance of success. For best punters every bet is preceded by hours of detailed analysis. Only this attitude will give you a chance to join them. Not guarantee, but will give you a chance. Much higher chance than “I feel it in my bones”. It’s sports betting, not voodoo shamanism.
  • Relying on "experts" - the internet is swarming with portals and specialists who offer their "sure bets" for a fee. Of course - we can never have too much data, and you should not underestimate any guidance, but we adhere to the excessive belief in everything you read on the internet. It is common practice to pull up your own statistics in such a way that they make an impression. About how the scammers lurk for your money you can read here.
  • They have to win, so they will win - many punters think that if a team necessarily needs to win (eg to avoid falling or advance to European cups), it will probably happen. It is not quite so. Teams that play under the pressure of the results are often unable to carry it and appear to be far weaker than usual. Besides, we can never be sure that our team's rivalry for the promotion did not "motivate" the opposing side of the match - these things are on the agenda and must be taken into account.
  • Betting Va Banque - in the professional punter’s dictionary there is no such word. Most of the less experienced players are saved by raising the stake during weaker season, which sooner or later results in playing the game va banque - such tactics would never come to mind of a professional punter. And there’s a simple reason for that - to play for a whole bankroll, they would have to be 100% certain that the event will go as they planned it, and that would only happen if the match has been fixed. Yeah, you do the math…
  • Pseudo-fixes from the internet - as we have already mentioned, the web is full of crooks. Unfair "specialists" boast of their knowledge in the bookmaking industry, stretching their expertise to the Ecuadorian Third League and giving out first-hand news on the set match, so-called fix. Remember once and for all - fix is ​​good for a leaking sink. Even if some sports event is set up and even if somebody has some knowledge about it, do you think he would announce it all over the internet? If that was the case then the bookies would immediately withdraw their offer for the meeting.
  • Selecting “sure bets” - we will not reinvent the wheel here. bad players are afraid of high odds and instead of a real value, they prefer to combine several more probable events but with much lower odds in the accumulator bet. Such tactics rarely produce the intended effect. We will show you this on a simple example. We have some mega sure type at odds 1/10, with probability of about 90%. But let's put on the coupon a few similar, “certain” events, and the probability of a hit will fall significantly. Should you not believe, let’s check it out. How about we take the accumulator of 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 x 1/10 which gives us a total of 1.46, but its chance of success drops from 90% to just 65% (0.90 x 0.90 x 0.90 x 0.90). Do you still think it's worth it?
  • Betting under the influence - Last but not least. Actually we left it for the end on purpose. It's not just a mistake, it’s THE Mistake™. Betting for money after few beers is a straight road to the bottom. Alcohol disturbs our ability to realistically assess the situation and risk - in short, being "under the influence" we sometimes do things that we would never dare soberly. Actually, there is no point in dwelling on it any longer. Alcohol and gambling is a toxic relationship with no future.

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