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The secrets of the best sports betting punters in the world

How to beat the bookmaker? This question is probably the one that pops up in your head quite often. How to gain the edge over the bookmaker and make regular profits in sports betting? A great place to start would be taking an example from the best sports betting punters in the world and how do they reach success in this field.

The secrets of the best sports betting punters in the world

How to bet on sports efficiently?

Single bets or accumulators? Two-three bets a month or few multiple bets with countless selections a day? Group betting or being on your own? Betting on the favourite or risking with the underdog? There are numerous answers to these questions. In fact, there are as many answers and methods to beat online bookmakers as there are punters in the world! Every one of you has your own, better or worse approach that helps you make profits from time to time. Have you ever wondered how do the best punters in the world do it? How do they manage to make several thousand euros of profits a month? Thanks to our sports betting specialists, we were able to group the world’s best punters into a couple of categories based on their playing styles. We hope this will help to become one of them in the near future!

Quality, not quantity!

The first category of punters only play singles and very rarely go over 10 bets per month. They believe that every experienced punter is not able to find more decent value bets in such a short period of time, especially on their own. That is why they usually specialise in one or two sports disciplines and choose 2-3 leagues to become experts in, sticking to betting on events from these competitions only.

What are their main features? First of all, analytical mind, risk evaluation skills and strong discipline that works along with a thoroughly thought through plan. These punters are very serious about their betting and do not make any exceptions, even in the most critical moments. Believe us, there will be such situations where you will be tempered to go out of your ways and, moreover, they will come your way quite often! We know dozens of bettors who were betting on the positive note and making regular profits for some time, only to waste all of it the moment they face the first obstacle. The minute they encountered a loss was very shocking to them, which led to losing the majority of their betting budget in just a few days. In pursuits of trying to repair their bankrolls they have worked on for months, they deposit more and more money into their online bookmaker accounts to desperately get back on the winnings streak.

Such situations would never happen to the punters we are talking about in this section. They are real-life betting machines who never let their emotions get in the way and prevent them from achieving success in sports betting. If they lose, they simply stop betting for few days in order to analyse what they did wrong and to make sure the next bet they place brings them better results after, once again, a thorough analysis. You can easily improve the stability of your betting budget and decrease fluctuations on your betting account at your chosen online bookmaker, by properly implementing such strategies into your own betting routine.

So, where is the trick? This is a strategy that brings you long-term profits, and you should definitely not hope to hit the jackpot and break the bank within just one week (or two). Apart from that, as we already mentioned, you will need to have a lot of self-containment and stay cold-headed throughout the whole process, which the majority of bettors (90%) struggle with.

Insiders, fixes and «first-hand» information

Another type of punters, which could be characterised by their «contacts» in the world of sports, bookmaking or even the so-called insiders. This type of bettors often act as tipsters and sometimes sell their predictions for huge amounts of money. There are usually no youngsters, but seasoned veterans among them, with endless betting history logs on their accounts, which only adds up to the credibility of their knowledge and connections. It is also worth mentioning that the tips they offer or the bets they place are mainly not based on the statistics and current performances of the selected teams but rather on the info they get from their «friends» who supposedly provide great insights & leaks from the teams or their personnel.

We are not talking about corruption and unlawful match-fixing. These punters focus more on the lower leagues and exotic competitions, which make up almost 99% of their entire betting volume. Such competitions usually have a large share of unforeseen situations. For example, there might be no first-squad central back available for the upcoming matchup because of the driver’s license exam on the same date or the best striker might be out because of a minor knee injury or the goalkeeper (which is often only one on the team) will play with a serious hangover because yesterday was his wedding. Such situations are quite common in these competitions. Even our recommended online bookmakers may simply offer their odds for the event without knowing about such issues. As a result, we get an excellent opportunity to exploit this silly bookmaker’s mistake and gain a huge advantage over the book.

What about the disadvantages? This style of sports betting requires a lot of connections in the world of sports and bookmaking, therefore, expect the list of contacts in your phone to be very, very long. This is one of the reasons why such punters are quite often former players or athletes who retired and became experts. They use their numerous connections with their former teammates who very often still play and can possibly help them out one way or another. They usually also have a lot of friends among the staff of the clubs they used to play for (like managers, coaches, physios, scouts, directors or even owners).

Another very important thing is that you should not expect a lot of profits from this method of betting. The best online bookmakers on the market will rarely offer their odds for such exotic betting markets and lower leagues or competitions, which happen to be of your focus and where you have good connections. On the other hand, smaller local bookmakers will not let you stake more than a few hundred euros on such bets.

Group betting is more fun

The so-called betting groups (or sometimes even betting syndicates) are nothing new and have been around the bookmaking industry for quite some time. In these sort of organisations, punters join their forces and create groups in which they set a joint budget and analyse and place bets together, splitting their winnings afterwards. This method is fast, nice and easy, but how do exactly such groups work? The members of such groups meet few times a week and discuss their opinions and experiences connected with the upcoming sporting events. Then, they collectively come up with a decision on how to bet and on which selections they should stake their money, in order to get the best possible results without risking too much of their budget. Using this method, they are eliminating issues like a bad analysis, emotions, sympathy/antipathy towards the particular team or player or any other biases that single bettors could be affected by.

Next thing they do is paying a visit to a local land-based bookmaking shop. Why not online? You may ask. The answer is rather simple, this is the only way they can stay «invisible». However, at the expense of a higher tax, which, unfortunately, cannot be ignored. There is also a funny part to this approach. Every punter that has visited such a shop at least once, knows that such «institutions» do not like to take big bets on a single selection. That is why members of the group will place several smaller bets not to draw unwanted attention, by visiting the betting shop individually every couple of minutes or even hours to place that exact same wager. This way, it looks more natural, and nobody suspects anything. They even pretend they do not know each other if they happen to be in the same room for some time. This is the most important rule of the group, just like in the «Fight Club», you simply do not talk about it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? As for the pros of this strategy, joining forces with other punters means that together you can put up quite a substantial budget and without having to pinch in too much into it. What is more, the chances of winning a bet are much higher, since a couple of people are being engaged in the analysis rather than just one person. As a result, your funds are much safer. As for disadvantages, as we have already mentioned, this strategy requires a local betting shop, in order for the method to work properly, which will take extra time to go to and place a wager. Another thing is that you (or someone else) will have to put together a strong, solid and trustworthy team of betting experts and enthusiasts who would leave aside their individual ambitions and egos to achieve the common goal, which is to stay profitable in the long run. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Sure bets

The last type of punters, which we would like to talk about in this betting guide, is the fans of the sure bets. These punters very often have as much knowledge about sports betting as Neymar does about being humble. On the other hand, however, if you wake them up in the middle of a night and ask what 673 x 48 is, you could be certain, they will know it! All of their actions are based solely on numbers, percents and all sort of statistical data.

Can sure bets betting be actually profitable? Of course, it can! Is it time-consuming and requires a lot of work? No doubts! Opting-in for sure bets completely is a great way of getting good profits but only on the occasional basis. Being honest, we are not so sure whether that sort of profit is worth all that work and time that you have to invest in it.

Another crucial aspect of this strategy is the condition of having multiple betting accounts at different online betting operators. This results in the need for having multiple betting budgets, which requires a bigger overall investment. Last but not least, constant winning at any of the online betting website will sooner or (rather) later get you noticed by the bookmaker and get your account limited or even banned, which will completely seize your further adventure with that particular service. Due to all of this, such a method looks the least appealing to us out of all the presented approaches. However, if you would like to learn more about, please check out this betting guide.

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