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The secrets of the best sports betting punters in the world

How to bet to win money? We can “bet” that this question pops in Your head very often. Hot to outplay the bookmaker and regularly win money on sports betting? Maybe the smartest thing to do is look at how the best sports betting experts achieve their success in the first place.

The secrets of the best sports betting punters in the world

How to bet on sports to win money?

Single bets or Accumulators? Two-three bets a month or few multiple bets with countless selections a day? Group betting or being on Your own? Betting on “Sure Things” or risking with underdogs for betting odds? There is many answer to these questions. In fact, there is as many answers and methods to outsmart the bookmakers as there is punters in the world! Every one of You have Your own, better or worse methods that bring You sometimes higher or lower profits. But have You ever wondered how does the best punters in the world do it? How does they make profits of few thousand euros a month? Especially for You, we categorized the winning, expert punters into few groups depending on their styles of betting on sports. Who knows, maybe it will help You to join them in the near future and be among the best in the game.

Quality not quantity!

The first category of punters bet only on Single bets and very rarely exceed the threshold of over 10 bets in the month. They believe, that every experienced self-respecting punter is not able to find few good Value bets in such a short time and only by himself. That is why, they usually specialize in one discipline of sports and choose 2-3 leagues to become experts in betting on sporting events from this competitions.

What characterizes them? First of all, analytical mind, risk evaluation skills and iron discipline that works on betting in accordance with thoroughly thought-out plan in which there are no exceptions, even in the most critical moments both when You are at the bottom in crisis and the other way around. And trust us, there are such moments and they happen quite often, even to the most experienced and best punters! We know dozens of bettors who were betting on the positive note and getting some profits for some time, only to waste it all the moment they hit the first obstacles. The minute they encountered some losses it was like a complete shock to them and they lost the majority of their betting budget in just few days. To recuperate for the lost betting budget they work for months they deposit even more money into their betting account at the online bookmaker to try to get back on the lucky streak.

Such stories obviously did not happen to the punters that we will mention in this paragraph. They are almost like robots - never get the emotions get in the way of their betting in order to achieve the success. If they lose, they simply stop betting for few days in order to analyse what they did wrong and to make sure the next bet will get them better results based on the thorough analysis not just placing money on something they thought would get them quick money in the heat of the moment. The strategy of the best punters, if implemented well by You, can provide You with stability of Your betting budget and less fluctuations on Your betting account at the online bookmaker.

So, where is the catch? This is a strategy that brings You a long-term profits and you should definitely not hope to hit the jackpot and break the bookmakers bank with just one week. Apart from that, as we already mentioned, You will need to have a large amounts of self-containment and be very level-headed. These traits are not visible among the 90% of all punters (often with those writing such articles!)

Insiders, Fixed bets and information from “very reliable sources”

Another type of punters is characterized by their “contacts” in the world of sports, sports betting or even sport news which they get in the so-called insiders. These type of punters often serve as tipsters and can sometimes sell their predictions for huge amounts of money. Because of their knowledge and connections, these are usually no youngsters, but seasoned punters with many won and lost bets on their accounts. It must be said that usually not a single bet they use it based on statistics and current performances of the teams they want to bet on, but purely on the info they get from their “friends” who supposedly provide very good feedback or leaks from the teams or its personnel.

And we are not talking about corruption and awful precedence of match-fixing. These sort of punters love the lower league and exotic competitions which are 99% of their bets. In these sort of competitions there are often situations where there is no first-choice central-back in the squad because at the matchday he is passing his driving license, there is no best striker because he has some sort of knee injury and the best (often only) goalkeeper will play on a serious hangover because yesterday was his wedding and he will play in his tux as he just arrived at the stadium from his wedding reception. The bookmaker may do not know this but offer bets on this event and You can say that well informed punter may have a huge advantage over the bookie.

Disadvantages? This style of sports betting requires a lot of connections in the world of sport and sports betting, so the list of contacts on our phone may have to be very, very long. This is one of the reasons that very often, those types of punters are former players and other sportsmen that retired and became experts and use their numerous connections with their former teammates who very often still play football or other sport and can help them out  one way or another. They also have a lot of friends among the staff of the clubs they played in (among the managers, coaches, physious, scouts, directors or even presidents).

Another thing is that You should not expect a lot of money from this method of betting. The best online bookmakers on the market will rarely offer their odds on such betting markets and lower league or exotic competitions that happen to be your expertise and You have good connections in them. Furthermore, smaller local bookmakers will not let You bet more than few hundred euros on such bets.

Group betting is more fun

The so-called betting punter groups are nothing new and have been present in the betting world for quite some time. In these sort of corporations, the punters join forces and create groups in which they set certain amount of joint betting budget and together analyse and place bets and after they win they settle the winnings by splitting them among one another. Fast, nice and easy! So how such groups precisely work? The members of such group meet few times a week and exchange their opinions and experiences connected with the upcoming sporting events and together they come up with a decision on how to bet and on which selections, all to make the best possible predictions and secure safer investment in their betting. Because of this, they are aware that not a single bet they place will be lost because of bad analysis or emotions that got in the way or someone else’s bad opinion or sympathy/antipathy towards particular team or player or other sort of mistake that can happen to a single punter.

Next thing they do is to go to a stationary bookmaker shop. Why such a traditional way of placing the bet? Only at such traditional bookmaker shops they can stay “invisible” - unfortunately the 12% of taxes is a bitter pill to swallow and it is a thing that cannot be overlapped. There is a funny story connected with this. Every punter that at least once visited such a traditional bookmaker shop knows that such “institutions” do not like to take big best on single selections. That is why, the members of the group will place few smaller bets not to seem weird and they visit the betting shop individually every few minutes or even hours and each member places one bet. This way, they seem very natural and nothing is out-of-blue about them, nothing scheming. They even pretend they do not know each other if they happen to be in the same room for some time. This is the most important rule of the group, just like in the “Fight Club”, You simply do not mention about the group to anyone, so it does not get uncovered.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method? As for the good sides of this strategy, joining forces with other punters means that together You can put up quite good budget and each member will not have to provide a lot of money into it. What is more, the percentage of possible won bet is much higher as the evaluation of few people is worth much more than that of a single person and therefore the safety of the funds is also much higher. As for disadvantages, as it was mentioned before, this strategy works the best if it is used on stationary traditional betting shops and therefore You will have to both take the time to go to such bookmaker shops and to build a strong, solid and trustworthy group of betting experts that will together with You, cast aside their ambitions and personal ego in order to reach common goal, which will of course be to achieve success and get long-term profits for Your group.


Last type of punters which we will describe in this betting guide are the fans of the Sure Bets. Very often they know about sports the same as Neymar does about being humble, but from the other hand, when You will wake them up in the middle of the night and ask the answer to the calculation of 673 x 48 they will know! Their world is made out of numbers, percents and all sort of statistics.

Does betting on Sure Bets is profitable? Of course it is! Is it time consuming and requires a lot of wok? Without a doubt it is! Betting using Sure Bets is a great way of getting good profits but only for a regular profits in a long period of time. We are not so certain whether that sort of profit is worth all the work and time that You have to spend on this method.

Another aspect of this strategy is a required condition of having few betting accounts in different bookmakers at the same time and what follows that is the need to invest a considerable betting budget into Your many betting accounts at various online betting operators so that Your accounts will not be empty and ready to bet in the occasion of the Sure Bet. Last but not least, while winning on a certain online bookmaker website, at some point You will reach the end of its patience and like many other punters, You will get limited or sometimes even banned from betting and it is very hard to make this sort of thing happen later than sooner. All of this contributes to the lowest opinion from all this methods in our eyes and we would definitely not encourage You to try this strategy above the previous ones.  



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