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The best bookmaker bonuses and special offers

A lot of punters take into the consideration the welcome bonuses that each bookmaker offers before choosing the bookie they will place their money at. Obviously, there is no harm in it, but let us remember that bonuses and special offers are only bookmakers way of advertising and luring a potential client. They may be nice for the new punter, but they should not be the most important criteria in choosing your bookmaker. Instead, you should focus on whether the betting operator is solid, trustworthy and whether they make quick and easy payments.

The best bookmaker bonuses and special offers

Many bonuses and special offers from bookmakers

The bookmakers are fighting for their potential customers in every possible way. As it turns out, one of the most effective ways of getting new punters are special offers and bonuses. The bookmakers use the fragile mentality of the inexperienced punters and lure them with attractive bonuses after the deposit or risk-free bets. Nevertheless, the whole process may be profitable for both parties - the bookmaker may get new customers, and the punters have the opportunity to bet with higher budget. All you have to do is be smart about it and use the bonuses and special offers to your advantage.

The most popular bookmaker bonuses and special offers include:

  • Welcome Bonus - also known as a deposit bonus, is a special bonus offered by the majority of online bookmakers. Here, the bookmaker will increase your first deposit (most times by 50%-100%) - of course there are limits (if you want to deposit a million pounds and get a fortune out of bonus funds, you will be disappointed). Before the additional funds from the bonus can be converted into real money that could be withdrawn, we need to use them several times with the minimal odds set by the bookmaker.
  • Free bet - another interesting special offer that is very popular amongst the punters. In this case, the bookmaker offers its customers some amount of virtual funds that can be used as a stake in a bet - if you win the bet, you will get the winnings, this time as real money, into your account.
  • Risk-free bet - also known as the Cashback. In this special offer, we place a bet on any event or group of events with the money from our deposit. If we win the bet, we win back our stake and the winnings, otherwise, the bookmaker returns our entire stake for this bet, back into our account. Thus, the name risk-free bet, as you cannot lose with this kind of special offer.

Is it worth to use the bookmaker bonuses?

Obviously you all know the answer - of course it is worth to use the bonuses and special offers from the bookmakers! Their purpose is to be used by the punters, and not using them is like not picking up the free money laying on the street. Nevertheless, you should always remember about one, very important rule: bonuses and special offers are just an ADDITION to regular betting. Even the best bonuses and special offers cannot be more valuable than good betting offer, high odds or being a solid, trustworthy bookmaker. We already mentioned the essentials of sports betting as well as what you should look for while searching for a bookmaker that you want to bet at, in the article about the Introduction to the sports betting.

Another important matter is that of the rules and regulations connected with the bonuses and special offers from the bookmaker. Below, we present the most important questions that need to be answered before using any bookmaker bonuses and special offers:

  • What should I do to get a bonus?
  • When do I get the promised bonus?
  • What are the conditions of using the bonus before withdrawal of the funds?
  • Who can get a bonus or use a special offer?

All the necessary information, including the answers to those and other questions could be found in either the FAQ, the terms and conditions of the bookmaker or a special page with all extra info concerned with bonuses and special offers.



What about enhanced odds, huh? You did not mention them but they are very popular.

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