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Newbie tipster’s dilemma - How to choose the online bookmaker?

Due to the 24/7 access to the internet and the fact that new bookmaking companies appear all the time, tipsters who are just starting their betting journey are facing a hell of a challenge. What bookmaker should you register with? Which company is the safest? You will find answers to these and many other questions in today’s betting guide.

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Important things to pay attention to during the decision- making process

  • Odds - we listed this point first for a reason. It is of quite a considerable importance to many tipsters, especially the professional ones. Unfortunately, many less-experienced tipsters pick bonuses and promotions over the odds, thinking it is more efficient. It is not quite like that, as the name says, bonuses must be an addition to the main offer, which is the odds. They must be something extra but not the key factor in making the decision to stick with a bookmaker. Although, as you might have noticed, the odds for the same event sometimes are quite different at various bookies. Therefore, you must also consider signing up with a couple of them at once.
  • Limits - another essential factor, which is mostly related to professional tipsters. Limits are usually imposed on pro bettors, who are winning big amounts regularly. Bookmakers are using this tool to be on the safe side, limiting their possible losses by capping your max. stake at a certain level. The so-called recreational punters should not worry about such a thing, but if it happens at some point, treat it rather like a “compliment”, because it will be a bookmaker’s recognition of your well-doing.
  • Offer diversity - the amount of sports and bets offered for a given event has a big influence on your further betting. You have to look for a bookmaker with the best market offer for your favourite sports. If you are good at volleyball, then you have to find a bookie that has the most exhaustive volleyball offer. If you are into the live-betting, then just stick with a company that specializes in this category. The number of online bookmakers is big enough for everyone to be satisfied. 
  • Bonuses & their rollovers - it is one of the marketing tricks bookmakers use to attract as many customers as possible. From first sight, bonuses are giving tipsters a bigger initial capital or the risk-free bet, providing a more friendly experience. The whole idea about bonuses is nice, but as it usually happens in life, there’s no such thing as free. Generally, bonuses come with certain requirements, one of which is a rollover. You have to fulfil such requirements to be able to withdraw your money later. To turn your bonus into real money, you basically have to use it as a stake multiple times on the bets with certain odds. The greater the bonus amount, the greater the rollover will be required.

Why is it better to have accounts with multiple bookmakers?

  • Payment options - another valuable factor, which tipsters have to pay attention to when registering a new account. The more options your bookmaker has, the easier, faster and safer you will be able to deposit and withdraw your money. Top online bookmakers are offering most of the relevant payment options.
  • Customer service - this one is more important than you think. Every top-tier bookmaker must have a decent and competent customer support service. Such a department exists to answer clients’ questions of any nature. Usually, such questions are related to topics like payment problems, complaints & disputes, etc. The working hours and available languages are also critical. It makes it easier to have a 24/7 support service that speaks your native language.

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