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What will happen after Instagram would remove all the likes?

The most popular social media platform of 2018 announced that it will gradually remove all the likes. This has started a wave of rumours and theories but seems like top online bookmakers already know what is going on. Check out the odds.

In the age where social media became a way of not only showing off but also being validated by the community, one of its main players, Instagram, decides to take away something that seems to be the key point of this social media epidemy - likes!

The announcement to remove likes and views below the posts was made earlier this year and has been put into the test already. The measure was introduced to fight the high rate of social media addiction mainly but not limited to the young population.

Such a move, however, could result in many outcomes which might not all be sufficient for the company.

Such an event could not have gone unnoticed by the top online bookmakers, one of which opened a couple of like-less Instagram-related markets.

Since the company was bought out by the social media pioneer/giant Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, it arguably became one of the most popular once out there. Coming from that, any change of Instagram will definitely reflect itself on Facebook’s stocks price.

facebook stock drop odds

Nobody knows exactly what to expect from Instagram. It was announced that likes will not be shown under the newly-created posts. However, nothing was said about whether or not the likes would be gone completely. Some say Instagram could completely wipe off its most successful and popular feature, others still believe their hardly-earned likes will not be taken just like that.

will instagram remove all the like before 2021

What about the so-called “Instagram famous” people or celebrities that are actively present on the platform. Can they opt-out of IG after they lose their stacked up likes? It is hard to say at the moment but the book has listed some big names like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and the Rock that are more likely to remove their Instagram account as the way of protest to the change. 

first celebrities to delete instagram

Will all of this be enough to take down the social media giant? It is highly doubtful, we have seen our favourite app undergoing many changes and nothing was seen to be of the big threat to it.

new social media instagram 2020

How it all will end and what is the future of Instagram will be revealed really soon.

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