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When should you place your wager?

The question that bothers all of us, when is it better to place a bet? Right at the market opening weeks before the event? Or maybe, a few minutes before the kickoff? Let's find out.

When should you place your wager? - betting guide

The best moment to place a bet

Tipsters come up with all sorts of tricks, in order to increase their winning chances. They analyze matches, monitor the odds, follow the best punters online and try new betting systems and methods. All of that will only benefit you. Just like sport, betting is all about the details. Every small detail could bring you closer to success. Therefore, it would be foolish of you not to take advantage of it.

The most commonly bet on sport is, of course, football. Football betting fans' life is so much easier compared to basketball or volleyball ones'. The odds for football matches are sometimes posted weeks ahead of the actual event. It gives the opportunity to place a bet in advance. However, is it always better to do so? Let's check it out together.

Betting right after the market opening

  • Advantages of early betting:

Traditionally longer odds - oddsmakers that work for bookmaking companies are people just like us. That is why bookmakers make mistakes assessing the odds for particular teams. The experienced tipsters always keep an eye on something like that and respond promptly, before the odds would get verified by the market. This is vital for punters who bet on favourites, the best teams from the most competitive leagues in the world. The closer to the actual game it is, the lower are the odds for Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, etc. Finding value at that a stage is almost impossible.

Benefit - such a strategy is beneficial from the tipster's point of view. He/she doesn't have to keep up with all the betting forums, monitor odds and do all that other stuff. The wager is already placed, and all you have to do is just patiently wait for the outcome. The «lazy» bettors mostly prefer the strategy, but it doesn't mean that it's bad at all.

Counter bet possibility - with just a little bit of luck, there is a high chance of winning the bet even before the actual kickoff. Everything could happen over the course of a few days, and the odds could flip upside-down. If we would pay attention, we could also have a chance to find a surebet.

  • Disadvantages of early betting:

Bigger risks - time works against us sometimes. Anything could happen after you placed a bet, the best striker could get injured, tensions between the coach and player or delayed payments. We do not have any control over such things. Despite all that, a couple of days are enough for a team to completely change its priorities from the team who strives to compete in the European tournaments to the one that tries not to get relegated. No risk, no fun!

The bankroll cap - this one is rather related to the younger representatives of the betting community, who have somewhat smaller budgets. Experienced punters do not have any issues with waiting after making a certain investment.

Holding accounts at multiple bookmakers - we listed this one under the disadvantages because new bettors tend to have lots of issues with it. We suppose that holding accounts at 2-3 bookmakers is a must-have requirement. It is hard to select the best offer, as well as the best odds when you are registered with only one bookmaker.

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Betting right before the event

  • Advantages of late betting:

More information - it is obvious. In case of placing a bet one or two days before the event, we would have more information regarding the roster, locker room environment and priorities of both teams than we would, placing a bet a week earlier. Another important thing is that we have the opportunity to compare our punts with the other tipsters', therefore giving us a better idea of what's going on.

The odds movement - seeing how the market tends to act lets experienced punters respond accordingly. Fluctuating odds have helped a lot of smart tipsters to place a winning bet.

Better underdogs odds - the perfect strategy for the tipsters, who specialise on betting against favourites. Traditionally, the underdog odds are substantially longer than on an opening day. It all happens due to the fact that people place more and more bets on the favourite closer to the kickoff, which has a snowball effect. Such market behaviour only works in your favour, if you are looking to back the underdog. This happens, once again, due to their odds getting longer, possibly offering your even more value!

  • Disadvantages of late betting:

Shorter favourite odds - just like in the previous point, the closer it is to the event, the more bets are placed on the favourite, leading to the odds shortening, which is very disappointing. It is the complete opposite of what we have mentioned in the previous point.

Constant monitoring - you must always be aware of what's going on, therefore dedicating more time. You must continuously monitor the situation, read all the news, etc. You also have to be engaged a lot with following all the media because even a small mistake could be a costly one.

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So which strategy is the best? It is completely individual and depends on the experience and style of a particular punter. Professional punters do not care about waiting for the outcome, while it might be a problem for their younger colleagues. Early betting will benefit bettors, who wager on favourites. If you want to support an underdog, you should rather wait till the very last moment, because there is a chance for its odds to grow.

Early betting comes with many risks too. However, they do not always play against you. For less-experienced punters, the best option would be to place a bet 2-3 days before the event. The odds do not swing left and right too much, and there's enough information already available.

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i still dont know when i should place my wagers

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