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Betting strategy - setting a goal

Another betting strategy guide. This time we will try to answer questions related to why is it important to set a goal when betting on sports and how to do it properly. Enjoy your reading.

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Sports betting is like life. It makes it way easier to become successful if you walk on the already paved pass. Setting a goal will help you become a better tipster in a short period of time, while also increasing profits that are coming from that. Isn’t betting all about it, though?

Set your goals and strategies

Let’s get to the actual goal-setting. We would like to suggest you consider a couple of points while making your decision:

  • Why would you bet in the first place? Some wager for fun or emotions, while others do it solely out of the boredom. Still, mainly, punters do it because of financial benefits. What group do you belong to? This is the first thing you have to know in order to move on.
  • What is your budget? As soon as you start betting, you must set the budget that you can afford. The most important thing here is for the funds not to be coming from the budgets devoted to other needs like bills, etc.
  • What approach are you going to use in your betting? You must decide which type or betting system you will be using. Would that be a flat or maybe some other type of stake? Pick it now.
  • How much do you plan to win during a set timeframe? You have to come up with the amount that would be satisfactory for this time period. This would allow us not only to move towards our goal continually but also to know how far we are from reaching it.
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Be SMART about your betting

Now you are ready to deliberately set your goal, which will lead you in your betting journey. How to do it, though? What criteria to use and what goal to set in order to get the best outcomes? Let’s start from the fact that a set goal must fulfil these 5 basic points, which in other words is called SMART:

  • S - specified. As our first step, we have to clearly and precisely describe w our goal is all about and what is its main focus. It is important for the goal to be straightforward and unequivocal, in order not to have any seconds thoughts in the future. For example: “get myself together” it is not too clear what is going on here, and we might interpret it differently after some time. A better way of saying it would be (for example) “get back in shape”.
  • M - measurable. It would be way easier to reach your goal if you have it on the paper, for example. Giving it some value will allow room for assessment of your made progress. However, if you take a look at the previous “get back in shape” example, it fulfils the clarification criterion but fails to do satisfy measurability. In order for that goal to satisfy both criteria, we have to re-phrase it the following way: “bench press 100 kg”.
  • A - attractive. This one serves for motivation purposes and gives us the idea of why do we actually want it. It also bears the plot of challenge and sacrifice, which makes the success to be even more anticipated. So, would you consider a goal to “make 20 push-ups” a motivational one? Not really, but it definitely would not do us any bad. What about that “bench press 100 kg” to win a bet or some weight-lifting contest, it is a whole another situation now.
  • R - realistic. It is obvious that if we would jump over yourselves and set the bar a bit too high, we will no be able to reach out goal. Sticking to our lifting example, let’s say it would be smarter to break the goal down into some stages or stretch the timeframe instead of trying to bench press that 100 in a week or two.
  • T - time. In other words, the deadline. As everywhere, we have deadlines, either you have to submit your school project your finish the report your boss requested a week ago, all of that has its time. Just like for those projects, we have to select the proper timeframe for ourselves, within which we want to reach out goal. Without such limits, we will keep trying to put it aside until completely forgetting about it.

To sum up, our complete SMART goal should look like this: “bench press 100 kg in 2 months to win the lifting contest”. Now, how to apply it to sports betting? It’s as easy as pie!

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Your goal varies from how good of a tipster you are and what budget you have, but on average, it should look the following way: “win around 1500 euros in a 60 days time and go on a vocation.”

Accurate? Most probably, it is self-explanatory and clear. Can it be measured? Definitely, the amount we want is written right there. Motivational and attractive? Yes, unless you do not like beaches and summy weather. Realistic? Seems like it, 1500 is not a sky-high amount, considering the fact that we are giving it a 2-month deadline. 

We hope this tutorial was useful for you. Be SMART about your betting and good luck!


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