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Why is it not worth it to bet on the last matchweeks of the season? We will tell you why!

All the best punters in the world always tend to say, that it is best to stay away from first and last matchweeks of the seasons and not to bet at online bookmaker on matches occurring at those times, both for European leagues and other competitions. But why exactly they say that? Well, You might have experienced seeing that they know what they are talking about during the last weekend wrap of the football season in Europe! 

best leagues losers

Placing bets on football on last match weeks of the season is like Russian Roulette

It is not a coincidence, that the best punters in the world advise not to bet on the first and especially on the last match weeks of the season. As they claim, the first few rounds are a big mystery in most cases and it is hard to predict how the teams and even particular players will enter the season. The teams are always changing, to lesser or bigger extent and with few fresh faces and without couples of former players or even a new manager, it is very difficult to foresee the results of first few performances in the season, especially as they would have a major impact for the whole season.  

When it comes to the last rounds of the season, it often happens that the majority of important games was already played, the final standings are mostly known and very often almost every team achieved or failed to achieve their goal for the season. That is why, in many cases, some teams, even the favourites, often tend to “let go and relax a bit” instead of focusing on the game and giving their 100%. This was the case during the last football weekend in which some punters that understood this phenomenon, probably made quite a fortune by betting against the favourites.

Embarrassing Bayern Munich home loss against VFB Stuttgart

During the last round of matches of the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich played against VFB Stuttgart. The Bavarian giants secured their championship title few weeks before and one could wonder whether they will play with all their might against the Stuttgart team. From the other hand, many people thought that they would want to finish their decent season with a win at home in front of their cheering fans (Which support them with one of the best attendances in football world) and also without a loss at their home stadium of Allianz Arena (they won 14 out of their 16 home games). 

But as it turned out, the average Stuttgart team completely, utterly destroyed the German champion and won 4:1 to the dismay of the home team fans. Because of that win, the away team had the chance of playing in the Europa League next edition, on the condition that in the final match of the German Cup, the team of Eintracht Frankfurt will lose with...Bayern! But as we all know it now, Bayern had a terrible end of their season and not only were eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League and lost their last Bundesliga game with Stuttgart but also lost 3:1 to Eintracht in the DFB Pokal (German Cup)! Who would have thought of such scenario?

So, what were the online bookmaker odds for the game between Bayern and Stuttgart in the last round of German Bundesliga? Betsafe bookmaker offer 13/100 (1.13) odds for Bayern win, while the win of the away team was offered for a stunning 35/2 (18.50) odds. But a real fortune could have been made at the William Hill online betting operator if someone chose the Correct Score option for the 1:4 result that happened in the match, which was priced at... 300/1 (301.00)!!!

Barcelona trashed by Levante

FC Barcelona did not lose a game so far in the season. They were unbeatable for the 36 matchweeks of the Spanish La Liga and looking at their quite weak opponents in the last two matches of the league competition they already knew they have won, it seemed like they can achieve something amazing and stay unbeatable for the whole season. In the 37 round of the Spanish Primera Division, Blaugrana played an away game with Levante, a team which just returned to the Spanish top division. It must be said, that Levante barely saved itself from another relegation back to the Segunda Division due to their impressive run of five consecutive wins (overall 8 won games in last 10 matches). 

Nonetheless, we doubt that there was anyone who would have thought about a scenario that happened at the stadium of the less known team from Valencia. Barcelona, playing without Lionel Messi, and with experimental defense line lost 4:5 to Levante and for quite long time during the game was lost 1:5, which would be even bigger humiliation! Once again, the punter who believed the theory of wicked first and last matches of the season gained fortune by betting against Barcelona. British online bookmaker William Hill paid 7/1 (8.00) odds for the win of Levante, while Barca’s win was offered for a mere 3/10 (1.30) odds. But like in the case of the Bayern - Stuttgart match, the real money was in the Correct Score bets. For example, Betfred online bookmaker, for the Correct Score option for 5:4 win of the home team paid up...300/1 (301.00) odds!!!

Another embarrassment for PSG in the last few weeks

The team from the capital of France dominated the French Ligue 1 once again after they lost the champion title last year to AS Monaco. This year, they spend a ridiculous amount of money on big names and it proved enough to win them the national championship back. They had already secured their title few weeks before the end of the league but there is no one that would think that the team from Paris will have such a poor finish to the season. Up until the two last games at home, they have a stellar 17 wins in a row at home and a draw with Guingamp very recently. Therefore, only a madman would think that something would change in the game with Rennes, which had 40 points less than the team from Parc des Princes.

But everything went wrong and the surprise happened. The away team outmaneuvered the PSG and deservedly won the game and got three points from Paris. Apart from Rennes players, the happiest people in the world were probably the punters who somehow predicted on the loss of the home team and placed their money on guests. The Rennes win at BetVictor online bookmaker for example, was offered at 10.50 odds while PSG win got only 3/10 (1.29). Furthermore, as in two previous examples, the Correct Score option for the result of the game (2:0 for Rennes) was the source of the best possibility of becoming a rich man as the odds for this option offered at Ladbrokes bookmaker were offered at 70/1 (71.00) odds.

Huge shocking result at the San Siro! Inter almost lost the chance to play in UEFA Champions League again!

Before this game, not a single person thought about the possible result other than a win for the home team of Inter, rather people were wondering about the extent to which the Internazionale players will win with away team of Sassuolo. The away team was coming to San Siro stadium without much motivation as they were playing for nothing, while Inter had to win the game to be in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League (so in other words, they were playing for few dozens millions of Euro).

The score? 1:2 for Sassuolo!!! Inter lost at their home stadium for the FOURTH time in the row and make their situation in the table even more complicated (Fortunately for them, Lazio also flopped in their game with crotone and did not manage to move up past Inter). So, how could You made a lot of money from this game? Once again, if someone bet for Sassuolo win or somehow predicted the exact score of this game, You could have cash in quite a fortune! For the win of the away team, the Unibet online bookmaker offer 15/1 (16.00) odds, while the win of Inter at home was so certain that the bookmaker offered a pathetic 1.16 odds for it. When it comes to the Correct Score option for 1:2 win for Sassuolo, Interwetten online betting operator offer a nice 40/1 (41.00) odds!

A mad man who somehow prophesied such results and placed an Accumulator bet with them can buy Trump Tower with his winnings

Quite a nice compilation of surprising results, isn’t it? One could have won a lot of money by placing bets on either of the mentioned above games. But, what if, there was a punter that placed ALL this football events into one Accumulator bet? Let us find out.

The overall odds for the away wins of Stuttgart, Levante, Rennes and Sassuolo in their respective matches was counted at 24,864. As You can clearly see, with such odds, for €1 You could have won almost €25,000 and with €10, one could walked out with a fortune of €250,000! Quite nice for one bet, even an multiple one, isn’t it? 

Let us go even further ahead with our imagination and think about a possibility that some crazy punter, a newbie, a stupid man, whatever You call him, would make an Accumulator bet for this games with all Correct Score option for these matches. The overall odds in this case are, wait for it....263,739,511! For people that have problems with math we will only say that by putting a single Euro for such a bet, You could have won two hundred and sixty three million, seven hundred thirty nine thousand, five hundred eleven Euro!!! If somehow, the online bookmaker had the money to pay this up, You can either buy Yourself a Trump Tower, few island or all these away winning clubs that brought You this fortune! Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!! Fortunately it is free to dream on....   



it was alway like this that in lasts weeks of the season there was a lot of dirty games in all leagues. Uefa should finaly do something about that but I have no doubts it will not and we will see another miracles in may 2019


oh come on. In my opinion it was clean but just very unfortunately. No one wasnt caught because of some dirty games or corruption in these cases so take a brake peple

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