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59-year old hits a jackpot at online bookmaker and win over £600,000!

“What do You know about winning in sports betting?” - That sort of thing can be said by a stay-at-home 59-year old woman that somehow correctly predicted the scores of 12 matches in one accumulator bet and won a fortune!

  • Women successfully predicted the outcomes of 12 games because...she liked the names of the teams!

Some 59-year old lady who is a stay-at-home mom or maybe even grandmother, which name we obviously do not know, lived a happy, peaceful live in English province not being bothered by anything. Everything changed on one weekend when she placed a one pound bet just for fun and she claimed £574,278 for her winnings !!! This alone seems amazing and like a dream come true story, but as it turns out, there is even more to this story. As it turns out, the lucky winner picked her teams based only on...their names! She picked the winners of 12 football games based solely on what their names were and whether she liked them or not.  

The whole story had its beginning about six years ago when the woman claimed that if she cannot get the access to her tv, because her son and husband watch football matches all weekend long, she has no other choice but to join them. Next thing she knew, she also joined her husband who, like many other Englishman of his age, placed some bets at the bookmaker every weekend, mostly a £1 bet. Unfortunately, like in many other cases, the man did not win for over 41 years, starting betting on sports when he was just eighteen. But this story have a happy ending as what did not happen to the man in 41 years, happened to his wife in just six, and it was very lucky guess as we already mentioned because she did not use her sports betting knowledge or visited website like ours, only picked the teams that had nice names in her opinion. We wonder who is now holding the remote control in that house from that time…

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