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What to look at while betting on table tennis?

As online betting becomes more and more popular, we get to bet on a larger variety of sports. Thanks to that, we get to explore more and more interesting markets like table tennis. What do such sports offer to the regular punter and how to beat a bookmaker betting on table tennis? Find answers to these and many other questions in our table tennis betting guide.

Table tennis betting

Table tennis betting

Table tennis is not a popular sport discipline to bet on, although best online betting sites have it in their offers. What distinguishes betting on table tennis from betting on football? First of all, the main factor is bookmakers' lack of knowledge and, what goes with it, a possibility of finding incredible value. Sometimes it is shocking how even the top online bookmakers set the odds, making you ask yourself where do they get them from. In the majority of cases, they are probably prompted only by the ranking and leaving aside much more important factors. It is possible that they might be using some simple formula that has a large error margin, which could overestimate the odds up to 40%, giving punters a huge advantage!

We would like to demonstrate it using a football example.

Let's assume, Manchester United plays its best roster against Wolverhampton and bookmakers set the odds for the Draw No Bet market: Man Utd - 2.87 (187/100), Wolverhampton - 1.44 (11/25). Every football fan or punter would notice right away that something is not as it's supposed to be and that the odds should actually go the other way around. Football is such a popular sport that the odds would get verified by the market within few hours (or even less). However, in the case of table tennis, bookmakers do not have enough knowledge, hence mistakes may happen.

What should we pay attention to while betting on table tennis?

  • Ranking is not everything. Of course, it is important to check the ranking, but it is even more important to check ups and downs of particular players in the ranking. This part is checked by the bookmakers, therefore, it is hard to gain an edge. Please, keep that in mind.
  • Current shape of a player. It is a crucial factor, which we believe is neglected by the bookmakers. Obviously, recent wins, loses, and overall performance is important. Checking those will definitely do you a huge favour accurately estimating the situation and giving you some sort of advantage over the bookmaker. Have you ever placed a bet on your favourite football team without checking their most recent matches?
  • Tournaments & competitions. Lower-ranked tournaments and competitions always have a bigger share of surprises (not only in table tennis). Just like in every other sport, top players are expected to participate in the higher-ranked tournaments like World Cup, Olympics, Champions League, etc. What is more, low-ranked tournaments might also have their own rules, which in some cases can affect the odds by even 5%.

  • Important in-game factors. We all know that playing style plays quite an essential role in the majority of sports. Surprisingly or not, but it is of even greater importance in table tennis. For instance, some players struggle against left-handed opponents. There are so many examples of great players, who are winning game after game but fail to perform well against lefties. Every player has their preferred way of holding a racquet, some might be more comfortable with a backhand, while others feel more confident with a forehand. Many European players find it unusual to play against penhold style grip opponents. On the other hand, Asian players find the more traditional shakehand grip quite uncomfortable, as well. The way a player serves the ball and whether or not he/she curls it is also very important.
  • Non-sport-related information about a player. Unfortunately, there is not too much information about table tennis players in the media, and you have to give it an extra effort to find it yourself. We suggest starting your search from social media, which usually offers the most recent and reliable information about the particular person (especially nowadays). Don’t forget that table tennis is an individual sport, therefore, psychological and mental aspects play a more important role. If a player has some personal problems, issue or any sort of distraction in his/her life, their performance might be hugely affected.
  • Bookmakers’ prices. Despite it being one of the fundamental rules of betting, many punters tend to forget about the importance of price competitiveness. The odds for the particular matches/events may differ among top online bookmakers. The difference might seem ineligible but take our word, it will be worth spending a bit more time shopping for better odds to get the best price possible.

    Why is it better to have accounts with multiple bookmakers?​​​​​​
  • Match winner over set winner. Unfortunately, we have noticed that many inexperienced punters are instantly backing the player to be a sure match-winner just after one high-margin winning set. Such behaviour moves the odds down, providing the market with an inaccurate price. Why is it wrong? First of all, it is hard to properly analyse all of the above factors in just one set (moreover if it is played up to 11 only). Second of all, players who get an easy blow-out win at the beginning, tend to get a bit more relaxed & loose, and, as a result, lose focus later on. We suggest treating the first set rather as a tryout, therefore, try to focus more on the following aspects: how well do players deal with opponents’ serves, how many and what type of mistake do both players fulfil and what is the scoring pattern.
  • Emotions. Follow the instructions and make sure to keep your head cool. Do not get biased by short-term success, which can ultimately hurt your budget. Try to stay calm and use more common sense, along with our suggestions.

Professional advice from a veteran punter

The best method that at the end of the day will give you an advantage over the bookmaker is to estimate your own odds. Do not look at the odds offered by the bookmaker, instead, always try to find out yourself what the actual odds for the given event supposed to be. The key point here is to avoid getting biased by the bookmaker’s odds. Therefore, try not to look at them to have the best result. Fifteen to twenty minutes is usually enough to set the odds even more accurately than the bookmaker. Sometimes you will be impressed by how bookies set their odds so inaccurately. In rare cases, you would find that the odds for the favourite are set around 2.50 (3/2) - 2.80 (9/5)! You can easily find significant price differences & bookmakers’ mistakes, thanks to this simple but very handy technique. Do not also forget about the use of a proper staking method, because nothing is for sure in sports! You can also find lots of useful articles and betting guides that will help you find and master your own betting technique in our sports betting guide section.



I have been trying to follow the book markers odds and I always Hit the Dead end, is there any way I can understand this game well? I really have interest to how this game is counted. Overs and unders as well as sets


Table tennis is nice game ....we can easily to predict but we have to keep more effort ...first we have learn then earn
Some tips I have follow in table tennis :-
First you have to check Head to Head matches
How both players playing ...
Next you have to Check how these players plays today ...( Check current form )

Predict one team w1 or w2 from their
And wait upto first set suppose you are thinking team 1 is win today and but team 1 is lost in first set ...then the that was right time to placed bet on 1

Actual odds on team is 1:83 but when it first set lost after team1 odds are changed to 3.5 to 4

So that was right time to place bet on team 1 ....

By suppose if team 1 wins on first set 1-0
Then wait upto 1-2 (4th set ) is right time place bet ...

Please don't play like odds 1:45 Vs 2:50

Please play odds like 1:72 to 2:2

We cannot say who was winner upto final set ...
In table tennis there are so many mafia matches can easily understand by odds it was mafia or not ...

If team 1 wins all matches today
If team 2 loss all matches today

When these teams facing a match ..all people thinks team 1 will be winner. 99% betting will be placed on team 1 because you will see good idea like 1:83 to both .. definitely that time mafia will be enter try to escape from this matches ...

Next tip was

When checking recent matches of team 1 ..with whom he was played notice that
Same to team 2 also

Some people blindly thinks that who have recent wins they will be winner ...that was wrong 100% because that the team 1 played with some low level rank people so he wins all but team 2 played with high level ranking people so he loss ...

So please compare all the matches with whom they are playing. .

So many tips are their ...I cannot right here ...
If you want any tips on table tennis please message me on telegram 7075159672


I would to know what do you look when you bet for the points in table tennis


I won over and over yesterday doing it for the first time. It's fast money.

My advice; wait until both player hit 2 or 3 and place your bet on the over. For example, player 1 score 2 and player 2 score 2. Most likey the match will go over 18 or 17 total points.

Promise you!!


Am ask for table tennis betting tips


This has been my new thing on Bovada to bet on.
Took me awhile but had time off work to learn how it works. Each player plays about 4-5 games a day. Once I watched the games on Flashscore I was able to understand the value of the odds. I’ve been hitting more parlays than any other sport. I just hit 4 in a row 8-9 team parlays for a total of about $420. I always look at the best or highest odds but sometimes they can be against the same bad player and eventually he gets sick of losing so an upset can happen. What I live about it is you can bet from morning to night if you want it never stops. I’ve placed a parlay bet went to sleep and woke up to a win. Best advice is to follow the games and learn who is good and bad and you get a feel for it and the odds.


nice one, Vikki


A good strategy is to bet live and wait until the final stages of a game.


This is so useful... Thanks a lot


I like been betting




For better winning if you don't have access to see the match that is on tournament, just look the odds at the end of the first set, for example if the first set have one min left you should put your odds there. i have used these for the while on first set only betting, and it has high chance of winning


Is there any other way to bet on the game?


Nice article. I've been betting on table tennis for a while now (live). Unfortunately i just follow the odds provided by bookmakers and i've incurred a lot of losses. It'll be nice if mention some tournaments to stay away from - ttcup, armenia cup, summy blast etc, i believe some are scam. It'll be nice if you send me some tips too


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New regular table tennis tournaments serie for bets companies and bets online
Enjoy your game

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