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What to look at while betting on table tennis?

Earning money on sports becomes more and more popular. However, we only have a chance to win in sports in which bookmakers do not have great knowledge.

Table tennis betting

Table tennis

Table tennis is not popular sport discipline to bet on, although prestigious bookmakers have it in their offer. What distinguishes betting on table tennis from betting on football? First of all the main factor is bookmakers’ lack of knowledge and what goes with it a possibility of finding incredibly high odds. Sometimes I am amazed by odds set and I wonder where online bookmakers take them from, in many cases they are probably prompted only by ranking and they do not consider much more important factors. I suppose that they use some simple formula with large error margin. For punters odds overestimated up to 40% are huge advantage.

In order to show bookmaker’s mistakes I will take an example from football.

For instance Manchester United plays with its best players against Wolverhampton and bookmakers set odds without the draw: for MU win 187/100, for Wolverhampton 11/25. Every football fan or punter would notice right away that something is not as it's supposed to be, and that actually odds should go the other way around. Football is such a popular sport that in few hours odds would get down to logical height. Because bookmakers do not have enough knowledge about table tennis mistakes may happen.

What should we pay attention to while betting on table tennis?

  1. Rank is not everything. Of course it is important to check a ranking place but mostly it is important to check ups and downs of particular players in the ranking. This part is checked by bookmakers, so it is hard to get an advantage over them, however one should keep it in mind to do it.
  2. Current shape of a player - very important element, which in my opinion is neglected by bookmakers. Very important are wins, defeats and points scored. Without such knowledge I do not bet on a given team.
  3. Important and less important tournaments. There are always more surprises in tournaments of a lower rank. Like in every sport, in table tennis players with “10“ are expected to play in Olympics, World Championship or important league matches. Low rank tournaments have their own rules and in my opinion odds for the front runners are over estimated by 5%.
  4. Style of play, playing against a left-handed player etc. In every sport a style of a play is of great importance but in table tennis its role is even more than important. For instance there are players who cannot play against left-handed opponents. Many times I’ve met fantastic players who were winning almost every game, but in case of play against left-handed opponents they could not manage to win. Everyone has determined scheme of the play for instance a player may like to play backhand to someone who’s good at forehand. Many European players cannot face penhold style and vice versa in case of Asian players. Services, ways and array of rotations are important elements as well. It is also important to check history of matches - it cannot be omitted by any punter. Thanks to that we can come up with many conclusions which all together will give us few percents of advantage.
  5. Off sport information about a player. Unfortunately in case of table tennis there are not many information in media and one has to try harder to find something about a certain player himself. In my opinion it is good to start from social networks which from time to time may provide us with a lot of info. In table tennis there is only one person playing and psychological and mental aspects play an important role. If a player has some problems or other factors may distract him a chance of losing a match goes up a lot.
  6. The height of bookmaker’s odds. Punters tend to forget about its importance although it is a basic rule of making money on sports betting. Odds on particular matches may differ among bookmakers by few percent that’s why one can obtain much better result. Therefore bet where there are the highest odds in the web.
  7. High winning of the first set does not proclaim a win of the whole match. Unfortunately many unexperienced players after noticing high win in a first set on the level for instance 11:5 treat a player as a sure winner and odds for him go down. Currently, in a game up to 11 points, it is of much lower significance than previous matches which went up to 21 points. Now it is hard to sense for instance opponent’s services in just one set. Moreover, high wins at the beginning relax a player and lead to easy lost later on. If we bet live we have to look at the first set as an “experimental field”, main factors to which you should pay attention include: do the players have any problems with opponent’s services, how many strikes are needed in order to gain a point, are mistakes of a player rather small or does he strike outside of the table, or if for instance a player often loses at the beginning in order to later on warm up and win. Emotions of less experienced punters take advantage over common sense, and odds for a favourite after the first set are usually ridiculous.

A simple method used by professional punters

Determine your own odds, it is probably the best method which at the bottom line gives an advantage over a bookmaker. I do not look at odds set by bookmakers, but through a deep analysis I try to evaluate them myself. It is very important not to be prompted by odds offered by bookmakers because lack of this knowledge while betting gives us an advantage. Often after 15-20 minutes we are able to set odds more accurately than bookmakers. It happens that odds on a front runner go up to 3/2 - 9/5 value! Thanks to this method we will find big odd differences and mistakes made by bookmakers. Let’s not forget about the value of a stake because there are no sure winners in sports.



This has been my new thing on Bovada to bet on.
Took me awhile but had time off work to learn how it works. Each player plays about 4-5 games a day. Once I watched the games on Flashscore I was able to understand the value of the odds. I’ve been hitting more parlays than any other sport. I just hit 4 in a row 8-9 team parlays for a total of about $420. I always look at the best or highest odds but sometimes they can be against the same bad player and eventually he gets sick of losing so an upset can happen. What I live about it is you can bet from morning to night if you want it never stops. I’ve placed a parlay bet went to sleep and woke up to a win. Best advice is to follow the games and learn who is good and bad and you get a feel for it and the odds.


nice one, Vikki


A good strategy is to bet live and wait until the final stages of a game.


This is so useful... Thanks a lot


I like been betting




For better winning if you don't have access to see the match that is on tournament, just look the odds at the end of the first set, for example if the first set have one min left you should put your odds there. i have used these for the while on first set only betting, and it has high chance of winning


Is there any other way to bet on the game?


Nice article. I've been betting on table tennis for a while now (live). Unfortunately i just follow the odds provided by bookmakers and i've incurred a lot of losses. It'll be nice if mention some tournaments to stay away from - ttcup, armenia cup, summy blast etc, i believe some are scam. It'll be nice if you send me some tips too


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