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Longest pre-season odds Super Bowl champions in NFL history

American football fans around the globe a patiently waiting for this year's Super Bowl 55. While everyone backs their favourites, the history of the NFL Playoffs Finals says there's quite a handful of surprises & upsets tagging along. Check out this sports betting guide to make your NFL Super Bowl 55 sharp predictions.

nfl super bowl pre season odds betting guide

Let's start from the beginning. If you are an NFL fan, then you should know about the pre-season Super Bowl outrights odds. Sometimes the favourites live up to the expectations and take the trophy home with a breeze, however, there have been plenty of those, who stole the show being a complete underdog before the first whistle of the season. Thus, without further ado, let's take a look at the top 8 longest pre-season odds NFL side to win the Super Bowl Championship.

#8 - Baltimore Ravens (2000)
       23.00 (22/1)

It took Baltimore just five seasons to clinch their first Championship, mostly due to their phenomenal defensive effort. Starting the season as the 22.00 (22/1) Super Bowl underdogs, Ravens came out of the fourth seed to upset the number one Titans in the Divisional Round, then moved on to kick Oakland Raiders out of the Playoffs run, and finished Giants in the Big Game to claim the title. What is even crazier about this Playoffs run is that Ravens managed to hold their last two opponents to just 3 and 7 points respectively.

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#7 - New York Giants (2007)
       31.00 (30/1)

Not much to say about this one, except for the fact that struggling Giants humiliated undefeated heavy favourites New England Patriots (18-0) in the Super Bowl game. Fans of both sides will surely remember that for a long time, especially due to the fact that it could've been only the second undefeated season EVER! Just another great example of «hard work pays off».

#6 - Oakland Raiders (1980)
       36.00 (35/1)

Another great example of turning things upside down for better. After a mediocre start of the season, Raiders had to part ways with their play-caller just to see the newly-acquired Dan Postorini being injured going further into the season. This is where things took a turn! With their main QB out, Oakland included their backup quarterback Jim Plunkett in the lineup, and it all just took off from there. Raiders won 13 of their last 15 games of the season and won their second-ever Super Bowl trophy.

#5 - Washington Redskins (1982)
       36.00 (35/1)

Same odds but completely different case. Some would say Redskins (now Washington Football Team) do not deserve that Championship due to the player strike that occurred in the meanwhile. Nevertheless, a win is a win, right? Luckily for Washington, they took advantage of the league's shutdown, before losing their star player Joe Theismann due to a gruesome season-ending leg injury. Theismann's contribution was enough to lead the team into the Playoffs, where running back John Riggins took care of the favoured Miami Dolphins to win the franchise's first Super Bowl title.

#4 - San Francisco 49ers (1981)
       51.00 (50/1)

The preceding year's Super Bowl saw an even bigger favourite's upset. The play that is referred to as «The Catch» has not only helped the then-unproved 49ers team to get to their first-ever league's title but also gone into the American football history books as one of the greatest plays to ever happen.

Well, long story short, it all took place in the NFC Championship Round Game between underdogs 49ers and favourites Dallas Cowboys. The pass by Joe Montana to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone was so huge that it kickstarted the «Team of the 80's» dynasty and earned San Francisco their first title.

#3 - New England Patriots (2001)
       61.00 (60/1)

Finally, the top 3, the game that became one of the most controversial ones in NFL history. It all took place when Tom Brady was just a backup QB, who got his chance to show off thanks to the injury of Drew Bledsoe. The Patriots started the season as quite a longshot for the title, however, managed to fight through all the ups and downs throughout the season. The game that went into history books as «the Tuck Rule Game» or «the Snow Bowl» has not only started another NFL dynasty - «Team of the 2000's», but also changed the face of the entire league for years forward.

#2 - Philadelphia Eagles (2017)
       61.00 (60/1)

While being given quite long pre-season odds of 61.00 (60/1), Eagles proved everyone wrong and took off for one of their best seasons ever with their rookie quarterback Carson Wentz being on the path to become the Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately, Wentz went down for a season due to an injury, which looked like the end for the Philly side's Super Bowl hopes. Well, it was only for Nick Foles to step up and take things under control to lead demoralised Eagles to the Big Game. One of the oldest NFL franchises had to defeat the dominant Patriots in what became the teams first-ever Super Bowl title. Despite it being a huge upset by itself, it also blew up the entire NFL betting world, as well. It was later revealed that one mysterious bettor beat the bookies with a $1 million bet on Eagles!

#1 - St. Louise Rams (1999)
       151.00 (150/1)

Well, we made it to the biggest underdog upset in Super Bowl history. Yet again you can see the familiar trend of a backup QB leading his team to a title. The 1999 signing of Trent Green was expected to seal the deal and bring glory to St. Louise, but it seems like it was never meant to happen. Green went down, and Rams were left hanging. The team's coach Dick Vermeil had to go for a former grocery store shelf-stacker Kurt Warner to replace the injured QB, which ended up being one of the best decisions in franchise history. Against all odds, Warner single-handedly put Rams back in the Championship conversation and won St. Louise its only title. He would later become the NFL Hall of Famer, and the Rams would eventually move back to Los Angeles. What a heck of a story!

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A little extra

This year’s Super Bowl 55 featuring Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs opens up a possibility for Bucs to go down in the NFL history books as the second-longest pre-season odds Super Bowl Champs obviously, if they win the game on February 7.

Make sure to place your Super Bowl bets mindfully with the best online bookmakers and only after thorough analysis. Good luck to everyone and enjoy this year’s Super Bowl action!

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