Interesting bookmaker facts

Interesting bookmaker facts

Bookmakers with high odds

Sports betting for large sums at bookmakers which have the best odds and do not limit players.

Earning on sports continuously gets more and more popular among players. 95% of bettors in the gambling business are the so called amateur-players for small sums up to 200 Euro for a bet and often bet for few matches on one ticket.The rest 5% are professional players who concentrate on matches which are worth playing such as valuebets or surebets. In professional betting every percent is important because later on it translates to reasonable income.
The best bookmaker bonuses and special offers

The best bookmaker bonuses and special offers

A lot of punters take into the consideration the welcome bonuses that each bookmaker offers before choosing the bookie they will place their money at. Obviously, there is no harm in it, but let us remember that bonuses and special offers are only bookmakers way of advertising and luring a potential client. They may be nice for the new punter, but they should not be the most important criteria in choosing your bookmaker. Instead, you should focus on whether the betting operator is solid, trustworthy and whether they make quick and easy payments.  
Single and multiple bets

Which type of bet is better? Single or Multiple?

Every punter, during his adventure with sports betting, starts to wonder at some point, which type of bets are more profitable: single or multiple. In this article, we would analyse both options  (single and Any to Come bets) and try to answer that very important question.  
Asian handicap

Bookmakers offer for Asian Handicaps

Where to bet on asian handicaps? Read this article and learn the bookmakers offer for the asian handicaps.
Bookmakers guide

What should you do in case of negative balance after taking out money which a bookmaker settled wrongly?

It is common knowledge that mistakes may happen to everyone, even to the bookmakers. After all, they are regular people tasked with a very difficult job. To some extent, computers can help them, but at the end of the day, it is them that create betting systems, calculate the results and update their websites. Mistakes while settling bets can happen to many bookmaking companies, even the most reliable ones. What should a punter do when the bookmaker made a mistake?  
Paid betting tips

Paid betting tips - how to easily get money from players?

The Internet is full of websites offering paid tips for sport events. We get a lot of messages from our users that used such websites in hope they will win money. Unfortunately for the majority of them, their adventure with sports betting while using such websites resulted in their bankruptcy. That is why, we have decided to create this article, in which we will tell you how to distinguish a professional and reliable sports betting website (like ours) from fraudulent, money-scamming ones.  
Tax haven and bookmakers

Tax haven

Many of us have probably come across the concept of "tax haven" when dealing with online betting. What is a "tax haven"? Which countries belong to them? Why do online bookmakers open their offices there? You will find all the answers to these questions here. If you are interested in information on this subject - we invite you to read our article.
Online gambling in the world

Internet gambling in the world

We must pay attention to the legislation regulating e-gambling in the whole world, especially the fact that it varies in different countries. Unfortunately, what hurts us Europeans especially the law relating to e-gambling in countries of the EU is still not standardized. Please note that different rules apply in England and the Czech Republic, a bit stricter in France, Italy and Germany, and in the U.S. online gambling is strictly prohibited.
Fixed matches

Facts vs. myths

Since our portal is dedicated to bookmakers, we cannot but touch on the issue of corruption in the betting industry. It refers to the popular "fixed matches" the result of which does not depend on the skills of the players and has nothing to do with the sporting and a "fair play".
Predictability of sports disciplines

Predictability of sports disciplines

Football or basketball? Tennis or maybe hockey? You often ask us, which disciplines of sport are the most predictable and thus the easiest to bet on. It is hard to give a simple answer to that question. Nevertheless, after years of analysing sports betting, we have observed few tendencies when it comes to particular disciplines of sports. In this article we will analyse some of the most popular sports with special focus to their predictability.