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A Guide - Bet on Sports provides information on "how to" when betting on a specific sport discipline.

Australian rules football betting guide

Australian rules football betting guide

In this guide we will help you to understand the principles of betting on the most popular sport in Australia, Australian fooball. It is one of the most popular and fastest developing team sport in the world. No wonder there is more and more bookmakers offering bets for this sport. In this guide we will provide useful informations concerning the competitions. But first, let us quickly explain what Australian football is.  
American football betting

What to consider in NFL betting

In order to be a successful bettor and win money on NFL it is advisable to get to know some useful information which have the greatest impact on the outcome of the bets. To make your life easier we have gathered all of the important factors contributing to a winning bet and created a guide which will be useful for both beginners and experienced players.  
Discus throw betting

Effective prediction of discus throw

Discus throw is one of the main Olympic disciplines. According to myths the first discus thrower was the Greek hero Perseus and the competition in Olympia was held in 708 B.C. In the program of the modern Olympic Games discus throw has been present since 1896.   Of course, within the past time methods and principles changed, the distance of throwing in ancient times was measured by a wooden stick and the stone discus weighed even 8 kg, what would be unthinkable today (in current time the discus used by women weighs 1 kg, and men – 2 kg).  
Shot put betting

Shot put – a bettor’s guide

Shot put is a discipline as old as the world. First mentions about a similar kind of sport can be found at Gomer, who described competitions in pushing rocks for different distances, which were held by soldiers precipitating the Troy. Later in XVII century the English soldiers held competitions in pushing … cannonballs in order to kill time. After all, it was decided to unify the rules and thus this discipline was born, which creates the history of sport since the first Olympic Games in 1896.   Despite shot put is not the main position at bookmaker offers, it still has many fans and bettors. Creating this guide we have specially talked to a previous sportsman, now a bettor, who specializes namely at shot put.  
Hammer throw betting

Hammer throw – a bettor’s guide

Hammer throw appeared back in ancient times, but it is true that this discipline then differed from the one we know today. Earlier before a throw an athlete had to run some distance, the hammer itself looked different, being a metallic core with a wood handle. In 1887 the rules were unified, the hammer got attached to a steel cable with a handle and its weight was set at 4 kg for women and 7,26 kg for men.  
Javelin throw betting

How to successfully predict javelin throwing

Initially a javelin was a hunting weapon or war weapon for people. With time, however, javelin throwing became a kind of sport which has been popular since the ancient times. Javelin throwing competition was one of the main elements during the ancient Olympic Games.   In current times this discipline does not break records of popularity but still has a number of committed fans who track results of the most important tournaments. Namely during the Olympic Games, the World and European Championships, series of prestigious commercial competitions such as the Diamond league, bookmakers set odds for javelin throwing.  
Triathlon betting

Successful prediction of triathlon

Triathlon is a sporting discipline which contains of swimming (1,5 km), cycling (40 km) and running 10 km. It dates back to the 50-ies of the XX century and was founded thanks to the love of the Americans to jogging. With time, however, it was claimed that running itself was not enough and it was decided to vary it with swimming and cycling.   Much time has passed and the discipline it still developing. It should be mentioned that in the first competitions of the Iron Man series in 1978 just 15 sportsmen took part in the competitions. The competition was examined by time and last year 1500 sportsmen from 50 countries took part in it on Hawaii.  
Wrestling betting

Wrestling – betting guide

Wrestling is one of the sporting disciplines, which creates history of sporting competitions. First wall paintings presented 5000-year old single combats of two fighters. Fights were held back in Ancient Egypt, however, its prosperity came in the ancient Rome and antique Greece, where the best fighters became heroes of songs and poems. Wrestling is a visiting card of the Olympic Games (in the history of the Olympiad only once in 1900 fighting competition was not held). The number of amazing combats in history connected with Olympic competitions is virtually endless. One of the most well-known combats in the history of the Summer Olympic Games was held in 1912 in Stockholm. In semi-final an Estonian Martin Klein won over a representative of Finland Alfred Asikainen after … 11 hours and 40 minutes of the fight. Today the combat time, fortunately, is limited and similar situations are unlikely to happen.  
Fencing betting

How to predict fencing

Sources of fencing were originating several centuries ago, although older paintings presenting competitions of fencers, date back to several centuries B.C. Sport resembling fencing was popular in ancient Japan, China and Egypt. In Europe this kind of sport became well-known mainly due to the medieval tradition of dispute regulation by way of matches. In XV century a wide-scale usage of gunpowder started and fight with white weapons in wars was not so effective as earlier. This lead to fencing competitions becoming rather an entertainment form and a sporting discipline with time. Decrease of interest among soldiers and nobility merged in time with the beginning of fencing popularization among students of European universities. Although the rules were not unified at that times, the fights were held till the first blood, but it became the basis of a kind of sport that we know today.  
Greyhound betting

Successful prediction of greyhound racing

Ancient Romans held primitive greyhound racing, the greyhound haunted live hares or foxes, the winner ate its prey many times in the eyes of spectators. In XI century England only the noblemen could have greyhounds and hunt with them. With time they began to organize amateur races for their pets. All this lead to appearance of the discipline which is known today.   In the beginning of the XIX century construction of special tracks for dog races and the live hare was replaced by a dummy that moved along the track thanks to an electric engine. With time the rules were unified, licenses for greyhounds were introduced, and the races became a very popular entertainment on several continents – the majority of fans is in Australia, USA, England and Ireland.  
Futsal betting

Futsal betting guide

Futsal is a variation of football, that was created in 1930 in Uruguay by a teacher that wanted to provide an indoor activity for his students. It quickly became popular among both children and adults   and spread across all of South America and then all over the world. The popularity of futsal can be attributed to its dynamic style, quick player movement, amazing technical skills and frequency of goals.  
Cycling betting

Successful prediction for cycling

It is estimated that more than a billion of people can cycle. For ones it is a means of transportation, and for others a form of rest and a way to spend leisure. For thirds, in its turn, it is the most beautiful kind of sport.  
Golf betting

How to bet on golf

Golf has been and is one of the most popular kinds of sports in the world. The first mentions about this game come from the Middle Ages, and the motherland of this noble game is thought to be Great Britain. Today all around the world – both professionally and for entertainment – more than 150 million people go in for this sport, and the incomes of the best professional players make tens of millions of dollars yearly. Moreover, after 112 years, golf returns to the Olympic games program. Together with the development of bookmaker industry it was just a question of time, when golf would become one of the most often predicted kinds of sport in bookmaker bets.  
Swimming betting

How to reach success in swimming betting?

The first mention of swimming dates back to 7000 years ago. With time it has become a sporting and Olympic discipline – it has been present in the Olympic Games since 1896. One incredible case is connected with swimming in the Olympiad’s history – in 2008 in Beijing the American Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals. Nobody has been able to beat his success yet.  
Field hockey betting

How to effectively bet on field hockey

Field hockey, contrary to vision, is a very popular discipline. The first mention of it dates back to 2200 years ago, it has been present in the program of the Olympic games since 1908 and more than 3 million people from more than 100 countries of the world go in for field hockey.  
Speedway betting

How to successfully bet on speedway?

Many of us are probably not only interested in speedway, but also bet on this kind of sport. It is easy to get in love with speedway. Once you encounter it, it will be difficult to get loose of it. When spring comes the fans visit not only stadiums, but also bet receiving points in order to exchange their knowledge into earnings. However, this task is not so easy as it may seem. There is a huge number of factors that impact the results of a given racer or the whole team.  
Darts betting

How to successfully bet on darts?

Despite darts is not recognized as the most median or capturing kind of sport in the world, it has a huge number of fans. Darts is especially popular on the British islands, in USA and Scandinavian countries. For a long time, darts was treated as an entertainment in pubs, but since some time ago we could notice a continuous professionalization of the competition. Such situation has led to bookmakers offering a wide range of variants for darts more often. What should one follow while betting on darts? What should one pay special attention to? There is no unique answer, however we will try to present you several hints, which will make betting on darts easier.  
Squash betting

Betting on squash

You can't find much information on squash in the Internet. This kind of sport can be rarely seen on television as well as in the press, that is why bookmakers set odds for squash quite seldom. Moreover, the limits are very low and often do not go over 100 Euro for a single bet in the pre-match mode. The live betting looks a bit better – for example, you can bet even 500-1000 Euro in a single bet at Bet365. Unfortunately, squash is not the kind of sport in which you can earn good money, although sometimes you can get some advantage “value” over bookmakers.  
Water polo betting

Water polo – bettor’s guide

What you should pay attention to and where to bet on water polo?
Speedway betting

Where to bet on speedway?

This question seems to appear prior to each speedway season. There are only few Internet bookmakers which offer bets on speedway. It isn’t football or basketball and the offer is limited, and in our opinion each year it becomes even weaker. Why is that? There are probably two reasons for that. One is not enough good traders, often mistakes and large predictability of many matches made the bookmakers more careful. Moreover the popularity of speedway is limited only to few countries.