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Goal time bets

When are the most goals scored in football?

When it comes to football, the majority of bets placed on this discipline of sport is concerned with the winner of the match. It is known that football punters like to back one of the teams and then nervously sit in front of the tv, watching the game and hoping that the team they placed their money on, will win. Very often though, the team that we placed our money on, loses the game, despite being the favourite. Aren’t You tired of regular bets for the winner of the match? Fortunately, the bookmakers are offering more and more interesting types of bets on football. Many of them is not connected to the final result of the match, just to the events of the game. One of such options are the bets for the periods of the match that will have most scored goals. The odds for such bets are usually quite good. That is why, it is hard to believe that many punters still does not place money on such bets. We hope that after reading this article, you will realise that betting using such bets is easy and can be very profitable.  
Free kicks betting

How many goals are scored after free kicks and are they important in predicting the match results?

Any punter who bets on football surely knows, that in order to place a successful bet, you need to consider any, even the most insignificant, details. In this article we will analyse the statistics concerned with the free kicks as well as we will find out how often footballers score goals after these set pieces. Without the amazing free kicks executed by Michel Platini, the national team of France would not have won the European Championship in 1984, which by the way, they hosted. If it was not for Ronald Koeman’s powerful free kick shot in the extra time of the 1992 European Cup Final played on Wembley, Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona would not have claimed the trophy. Same goes for David Beckham’s perfectly bended free kick in the extra time of the match with Greece that gave England the qualification to the 2002 World Cup. If it was not for that goal, he probably would not consider his national team career successful as he got a red card in the previous World Cup and was heavily criticised at that time.  
Football betting guide

What is the correlation between the number of shots and final result of the match?

Have you ever wondered what is the correlation between the number of shots and final result of the match? Do teams that have twice as many shots as their opponents, always win their games? From which areas footballers shoot the most goals? It is obvious, that football shots differ in their goal probability. A player shooting with a leg from 10 yards have much better chances for scoring a goal than even the best striker shooting a header from 20 yards. Despite that both attempts will be counted by the statisticians as a shot on target their importance on the final result of the match are completely different. That is why, in this article we will analyse from which areas of the field football players score the most goals.  
Penalty shoot-out betting

Does the better team always win in the penalty shoot-out?

There are two theories concerned with the penalty shoot-outs. The supporters of one, consider them to be the essence of football, a real fever pitch for the fans of teams that will decide the result of the match with this method. Others, believe that this method of determining the winner of the match is one of the most unjust inventions in the history of the world. Obviously, among the supporters of the first theory are not the fans of those teams that have lost their games after penalties but those of the winners. Both theories have their advantages and disadvantages. But have you ever wondered what are the chances of particular teams for the win in the penalty shoot-out? Will the favourite of the match beat the underdog also in the penalties? The statistics show a very interesting occurrence.  
Corners betting

How the number of corners influence the final result of the match?

Set pieces are one of the easiest goal-scoring methods in football. Although the number of penalty kicks, that almost always convert to a goal, is not that high, there is always a lot of corners in every match. Maybe the corner kick does not stand for a certain goal, but it surely is a real threat for the goalkeepers. For stronger teams, another corner kick proves their dominance in the match, while for weaker sides it could be one of the few potentially good goal-scoring opportunities. It is worth noting that to score a goal after a corner kick, all you need is two players, the one who takes the corner and the scorer. Thus, theoretically, it is the easiest way to score a goal in a match.  
Ball possession betting

The influence of the ball possesion on the result of the match

Skillfully made analysis before the match can be the key to a successfull bet. Among the football fans and bettors, there is a popular opinion saying that the team with the higher ball possesion is more likely to win. Is it true? Let us find out.  
Penalty cards betting

The influence of the penalty cards on the result of the match

Some bettors underestimate the statistics, for example the number of commited fouls in a game. This is a huge mistake because every commited foul increases the chances for a team to receive a yellow card. What is more, every received yellow card raise the risk of getting a player expelled because of a red card and from that it is very close to losing a goal and even an entire match. Let us take a closer look at how penalty cards influence the game.  
Penalty card betting

The principles of successful penalty card betting

Successful penalty card betting can be very profitable. Here are the guidelines that will help you to make a winning bet.  
Cards betting guide

Types of penalty card bets

More and more bettors are leaving behind the traditional 1x2 bets. One of the more interesting alternatives can be betting on yellow and red cards shown in a match. Skilful betting on penalty cards can significantly improve your betting effectiveness.  
Corruption in Football

Corruption in Football

Probably the worst thing in the world is a feeling that the match that just destroyed our high-stake bet was not entirely fair. Every person who bets on football felt that at least once and knows for sure that it is not a pleasant feeling. Unfortunately, those things happen and will happen again. Nevertheless. with our help you can learn how to watch out for that kind of fixtures.  
Top league betting

Football - how to bet in the top leagues

The most common mistakes of bettors. Eliminate them and start making money on sport.
Football live betting

How to successfully predict live matches?

Skillful prediction of football live matches can bring excellent results and help in creation of a rather good Yield. Nevertheless, it acts in two directions. Hasty and meaningful betting can momentarily worsen Your prediction history. Read our bettor’s guide and Your effectiveness will definitely get better.  
Football matches analysis

How to successfully analyze football matches?

The key to making a winning bookmaker bet is effective analysis of the match we are interested in. Even persons who do not have huge knowledge about football can become successful bettors. A bit of free time, desire to work, analytical mind, calmness, ability to find information in the internet and ability to make conclusions. If You do not possess these characteristics then it’s better for You to forget about bookmaker bets – they are not for You.   Effective analysis is not such a difficult task, as it can seem at first sight. Thus, before betting You should spend several minutes for getting to know as much as possible about the given event. We hope that due to a series of our bettor guides, making an exact analysis and successful betting will become much easier for You.