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Statistics - Formula 1 (conclusions of season 2010-2014)

Proper reading of statistics is already half of the success in placing bets. Later we will share few you some important info, which we came up with by looking at the statistics from previous seasons.  
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What to take into consideration while betting on F1

F1 is a multi-milliard industry which brings more than 600 million of spectators in front of TV during each Grand Prix. Nothing strange that sports bets boast of grand popularity and that there is a possibility of playing on high stakes. At market leaders, one my bet up to 10 000 -15 000 USD on a single bet.   Where to find advantage over a bookmaker? And what to take into consideration?
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F1, which bookmaker has the best betting offer?

We were convinced to write an article by numerous questions asked by our followers about this sport. Were to play, and which bookmaker is reliable? Among online companies sometimes it is hard to pick the one which will provide us with good service and we are sure that our money and date are safe. Formula One is very popular sport especially in Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Asia. Also it is of a great interest in countries from which drivers are. The most bets on F1 are made at known british bookmakers: Bet365, Paddy Power, Bet Victor, Ladbrokes, Coral and at scandinavian bookmaker - Unibet. The offer is very good and what is important for many, because of the popularity, limits are very high.