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Trump vs Clinton - Their chances after last debate

Because of the recent controversies and not a very good performance in the previous debate, Donald Trump found himself in a very difficult position before the third, and final debate of the U.S elections. It was his last chance for winning the votes of both the undecided electorate and people who stopped supporting him because of the scandals surrounding him.

And despite all these negative factors, both experts and public opinion considered Trump to be better prepared in this debate than in the previous one, often saying that there was a draw between the candidates this time, and that he performed really well. The one thing he failed, and unfortunately for him, it was the most important moment of the debate, was that he refused to accept the election result if he would lost. He started talking about conspiracy theories, fake votes and even bad-mouthed his rival. And in the end, he probably blew up his last chance of winning the election.

Below, we present you with the best odds offered by the bookmakers (UK offer) for the 2016 United States presidential election.

Bookmaker Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Bet365 9/2(5.50) 1/6(1.17)
Skybet 4/1(5.00) 1/6(1.17)
BetVictor 4/1(5.00) 1/6(1.17)
Paddy Power 9/2(5.50) 2/11(1.18)
Ladbrokes 4/1(5.00) 2/11(1.18)
Coral 4/1(5.00) 1/6(1.17)
William Hill 4/1(5.00) 1/6(1.17)
Betfair 5/1(6.00) 2/11(1.18)
Unibet 9/2(5.50) 3/19(1.16)

As for the American bettors, we advise to bet on at Bovada bookmaker that offers -550 (9/50) for Hillary Clinton and +375 (15/4) for Donald Trump.



Hahahahaha, all those nonsense comments on him being stupid and not winning this are so fun to read. Now the polls show he will win, and what will you say about that now? All that matters is $$$$$$


This i s stupd. He win becuase she is old and he is not liar. I see odds for him are good to bet on win the president of america


i want to bet on trump but it it posible to bet when not americaan>>>? (not big money)


Vote for Mr. Garrison! Make Murica Great Again!!! :)


'member america was great? i don't and trump will not make difference, clinton too


Do not trust the polls, it will be the same as in the case of Brexit. I don't think he lost so many voters because of the debate and some stupid words, he still has good chances for becoming the president, but will it be good or bad? Don't know, don't care, let americans do their things.....

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