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Sports betting for large sums at bookmakers which have the best odds and do not limit players.

Earning on sports continuously gets more and more popular among players. 95% of bettors in the gambling business are the so called amateur-players for small sums up to 200 pounds for a bet and often bet for few matches on one ticket.The rest 5% are professional players who concentrate on matches which are worth playing such as value bets or sure bets. In professional betting every percent is important because later on it translates to reasonable income.

Bookmakers with high odds

Sports betting for large sums at bookmakers

Many online bookmakers try to counteract to betting for large sums first of all due to fixed matches in sports or vast knowledge of bettors, by not accepting large sums of money for unpopular leagues or at a last resort closing players’ accounts. Every bookmaker uses its own policy although regularly winning bettors my await a ban on their account. In such case a question – at which bookmaker can you play for big money and enjoy your winnings as well as get fantastic offer of odds with low margin - arises. Thanks to more than a 10 year gaming experience at different bookmakers, tracking opinions of bettors we can divide the bookmaker market into 3 parts.

  1. Bookmakers with high limits and low margins. Virtually everybody knows that the largest sums of money are bet in Asia. Thanks to an enormous potential of this market some bookmakers accept single bets for 20-30 thousand pounds without any problems. We should enlist the bookmaker Unibet as the leader, which is considered to be the most innovative and the best bookmaker in the world. If you look for unpopular bets you will certainly find them here.
  2. Bookmakers at which sure bets and interesting value bets are available. Among them are found: William Hill. Not every bookmaker reacts quickly enough to lowering odds that is why it is often possible to find good odds.
  3. Bookmakers for amateur players. At some bookmakers you can expect limitation if you play for 300 pounds and win. If you pick such a bookmaker it is only to play few matches on one ticket. Although after few matches we can be acclaimed as a professional player and therefore blocked



Haaa..definately NOT William...what a joke..come on be honest to your reader!


@Anonymous above

Yes I wonder what is this thing about William, do they pay people to mention them in any article? Wiliiam high limits?? Not only their limits are not high, but their odds are way too low for serious punters.

About Pinnacle, I think you a bit harsh, 500 max? Maybe in Vietnam, or such leagues, but the most popular ones allow several thousands. And you can still bet 2 or 3 times if you like (once odds are corrected).

Don't forget Easysportbet, they provide a great service to bet on Betting Exchange. I think nothing is better than Betfair and Pinnacle anyway, for serious punters.


Ladbrokes gave me a 2000 bonus bet. Somehow i turned this into 30000 in 5 weeks... They suddenly closed my account, obviously they only care for losing punters.


The truth is that william gives limits to players, especially if one bets on a niche league or sports. Pinnacle, SBOBET and Betfair Exchange are the three best bookmakers for professional players without limits imposed individually. Of course there are matches where you can bet the maximum of $ 500 on for instance handball or volleyball but in most cases they have higher limits often over 10k-20k USD. You will not get an individual limit at Pinnacle! You can win up to $ 10 million. Betcris bookmaker is unknown, especially in Europe. Rarely it is present in the odds comparison websites. In its regulation there is the following point: BetCRIS holds the right to suspend an account without previous notice and at any time under its salts discretion. I'm not saying that's a bad bookmaker, but I think there are better ones.


How the hell could you possibly include William in an article about bookmakers who do not limit players? They are one of the quickest in the World at kicking out winning players or limiting their bets. They are not called Bet $3.65 for nothing. I know many, many players who have had their bets limited to $5. If William claim to not kick out winning customers it is only because they reduce their limits to the point that the customer can no longer bet there.

Pinnacle Sports are myths these days. They are a long way removed from their glory days. Many of their soccer leagues have a $500 max bet.

Meanwhile, BetCris are taking 5 figure bets on many different soccer leagues ( including South American leagues which is unheard of ) yet they never get mentioned in the same breathe as Pinnacle. Not to mention that they take arbers, and NEVER refuse anyones action. Unlike the books that you mentioned in relation to this article.

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