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Mindblowing Things You Can Bet On

Betting is mainly focused on sports betting, but what about those who want to take it one or even more steps further.

Today we would like to talk about some of the weirdest things you can place a wager on.

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Jai Alai

The first on our list is Jai Alai. You will ask yourself, jai-what?! Yes, Jai Alai, the sport that lost its popularity over the last 50 years. It is pronounced to the fastest game in the world with the ball flying at speeds of around 320 km/h. The game was at its peak around the 60s in the US due to curiosity. Nowadays the game is strictly played for gamblers. Many frontons (game fields) are built into casinos serving as an attraction. There are lots of rumours about it being rigged, but there has never been any proof of the matter.


The next up is Quidditch. Yes, you read it right, quidditch, the Harry Porter fairy tale sport that became a reality. Well, only in its muggle variation. Instead of flying around on the brooms player are running around a small football field with brooms between their legs while handling a deflated volleyball. It really sounds as silly as it actually is. The "sport" is, though, getting popular with some crowd-pleasers like "the snitch". Just like in the original wizardry rules, you have to catch it before the end of the game.

But instead of chasing a tiny golden ball, you have to take down a weird guy who randomly runs into the field and plays practical jokes on the crowd. Some say the last minutes of the game are looking like a rodeo on a budget. If you thought that it is as mind-blowing as it gets, then you were wrong, since 2011 there have been markets open for the Quidditch World Cup.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Yeah, the ultimate argument setter game of all ages and nationalities. Even the legendary Michael Jordan is said to place a six-figured wager on RPS combat!

Facts vs. myths

The so-called RPS "athletes" or famous for their high dedication and competitiveness. The game has multiple tournaments carried out every year, among which is the World Championship tournament. The World RPS Society has put up a tremendous effort into incorporation the latest betting technology into the game, making it available for betting worldwide. Moreover, for those who are not able to wager with real money, the organization provides fake-money betting creating job opportunities for "street hustlers".

Luis Suarez cannibalism

Enough of self-pronounced sports. The next position on our list is directly related to football, especially to its semi-cannibalism part. Despite football being a non-contact sport, some of the athletes are being a little bored with every-day goalscoring, taking it to the next level. For example, Luis Suarez, who multiple times tried to chew on someone else's flesh during the fixture.

There are quite a few victims to such an act of semi-cannibalism. Punters actually followed up a trend, and once the offer was placed by one of the top online bookmakers, did not hesitate and bet on such a bizarre event, resulting in a prominent record-breaking betting win and a ban for the football player.

Donald Trump specials

The last but for sure not the least - Donald Trump specials. The novelty bets related to the 45th President of the United States of America are for the most part out of hand. Bookmakers are going crazy with their offers on Mr. Trump, boosting the rumours around the POTUS to unbelievable heights. Among the most interesting ones are:

  • If the former Vice-President Joe Biden will walk up to Trump and punch him right in the face;
  • What will Trump ban next (stairs or Irish people);
  • If an American state will pronounce independence;
  • If the French will request the Statue of Liberty to be returned.

This is far not the end of Donald Trump betting ridiculousness. The number one spot goes to a little too personal type of bet regarding the size of Presidential manhood. Feels a little awkward, huh? One of the top online bookmakers proposed the intimate odds on if it's 10 cm or less and if it's 17+ cm. Trump's answer was plain and simple, "Mine's this big!"

This is all for today's mind-blowing selection of bets. We hope you enjoyed it. Comment, share and stay tuned for more interesting information about the betting world.

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if I see my son running with a broom between his legs throwing a deflated ball... Ill slap his harry potter looking ass out this madness along with the entire team. what is this?!


ill bet on Quidditch all day)))

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