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Types of penalty cards betting

More and more punters are leaving behind the traditional 1x2 bets. One of the more interesting alternatives can be betting on yellow and red cards shown in a match. Skilful betting on these warning cards can significantly improve your betting effectiveness.

types of cards betting

Types of warning card betting


  • Number of cards in a match - the simplest kind of bet related to the number of cards shown by the referee during the game. Depending on many variables (importance of the match, the referee and playing teams) the number of cards is estimated at a certain level, and the tipster’s task is to predict if it will be exceeded or not. Some bookmakers offer Asian handicaps for the number of warning cards, this way bettors can at least have a void in case of being slightly off with their predictions.

    There are games in which you know that there will be a lot of fouls and thus penalty cards. On the other hand, there are fixtures of lesser importance, that look like a friendly in which players do not want to harm each other. That type of knowledge can help us to be more effective with our betting.
  • Team with more penalty cards - as the name suggests it, the bettor’s task is to correctly predict the team with more cards shown by the referee. Do not forget to make a thorough analysis as many bookmakers like to offer 3-way & Asian handicaps bets for such markets. Some teams have a rough style of playing and fouls are in their DNA. If we have the necessary information, all we have to do is place a bet and wait for our returns.
  • Time of the first penalty card - for such a bet to be a winning one, the bettor must predict the time when the referee will show the first card in the match (most of the time, bookmakers set the 30th minute as the borderline but sometimes you can find bets with 10th-minute borderline & great odds). As it was mentioned before, remember about teams that are prone to be booked during the match, especially at the start of the game.
  • First penalty card (team) - bookmakers ask the punters which team will be the first to get a card from the referee. Again, the wager wins when the backed team gets booked.
  • Red card in a match (Yes/No) - a very simple bet (at least in theory), all you have to do is predict whether or not the player would be sent off the field with a red card. Derbies and important league or tournament matches - these are the types of fixtures that you can bet on. Such matchups are more likely to end with both teams not having all their players on the field.
  • Player to receive yellow/red card - the bettor’s task is to predict if a selected player will get a yellow or red card. As it was already mentioned, some teams commit many fouls, but there are also individual players whose role on the field is to make life harder for their opponents, and while doing so, they often receive penalty cards.

Warning cards betting. Live or pre-match?

You often ask us in the comments section, what type of betting we prefer? Live or pre-match? In our opinion, both have their merits and flaws (same goes for penalty card betting), and proper knowledge about them can help you win a bet.

To make a successful prediction about the number of warning cards before the actual match requires substantial knowledge, experience and professionally conducted analysis. Here are some tips.

Sometimes, all you need is to listen to your intuition. It can quickly help you determine the atmosphere on the field just a couple of minutes into the game.

Obviously, it is not like that in every case. However, it is hard to imagine more penalty cards in a game that looks like a friendly fixture than a league matchup where points are important. On the other hand, 2 or 3 rough tackles in the first few minutes of the match can be a sign of the match to be brutal.

It is also worth remembering that the majority of penalty cards are given to players at the end of a match. One reason for this is that most players have already committed a couple of fouls and one more simply brings the end to referee’s patience. Another reason is that players of both teams are exhausted at the end and committing a foul is sometimes their only option.

The principles of successful penalty card betting



I need leagues and teams that have high percentage in penalty and red cards

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