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How to get a deposit bonus?

The majority of top online bookmakers offer various bonuses & promotions for their new clients. How to choose the best welcome bonus? What to pay attention to when selecting a deposit bonus? Find out answers to these and many other related questions in this very sports betting guide.

deposit bonus betting guide


Let’s be honest, each and every one of us likes to get bonuses and promotions, which help us get additional funds to bet with. Bookmakers offer a ton of free bets & special offers, which aim to get us to sign up with them but not with other operators. One of the, if not the most popular bonus is, in fact, the one we get at the beginning of our betting journey at a particular service. Such an offer is commonly referred to as a welcome bonus or deposit bonus.

Lots of bookies offer a so-called deposit bonus right away. What does it mean? When you are registering a new account at one of the top online bookmakers, you have no other option but to make the first deposit in order to start betting. Thus, the deposit bonus will double, triple, multiply your deposited amount, or offer you a refund if you stake your whole deposit on the first wager (obviously according to the promotional terms & conditions). It’s also important to know all the details about a particular promotion because sometimes the requirements are tough to fulfil.

What promotional terms & conditions are worth more attention?

Deposit bonuses are for sure of a big use and must be taken advantage of without any second thought. Thanks to them, you would have additional resources to invest in your betting, as well as, make your balance look a bit better. So, in order to claim your welcome bonus, you must fulfil a range of conditions that sometimes are more complicated. Learn more about the importance of reading promotional terms & conditions.

  • How much of bonus are you going to get? This is probably the most popular question everyone asks themselves when trying to claim a deposit bonus. Some bookmakers offer us a 50% welcome bonus, which means that by depositing, for example, €10, you are going to get a €5 bonus. The majority of the leading online betting operators, however, promise us to double and, in some cases, even triple our first deposit. You should also keep in mind, that welcome bonuses are so far the most generous promotional offers bookmakers have, which is why you can only claim it once. Therefore, it would be wise to squeeze everything out it.
  • What’s the required rollover? Unfortunately, our world is not that perfect, yet, for money to fall from the sky and for top online bookmakers to giveaway it left & right. After making your first deposit and claiming your welcome bonus, you will have to fulfil certain wagering requirements (like, for example, a rollover), in order to be able to withdraw it to your bank account or whatsoever. Not sure what a rollover means? Click here to learn more about betting terms. The rollover amount is nothing else but a sum of stakes you must play through in order for your bonus money to become withdrawable or turn into real cash. Some services require an x2 rollover (which means, if you get a €10 bonus, you must wager it through, so that your stakes add up to €20), others x3 or even x4. It’s obvious that the higher the rollover is, the harder it will be to fulfil it and, therefore, keep your bonus.
  • The rollover deadline, or in other words, the time you have to complete all your wagering requirements. Relax, top online bookmakers are more liable when it comes to these deadlines, giving us more than enough time. Usually, it is around 30 days, but in case of a more generous bonus, which requires a higher rollover, it could be extended up to 60 days. It is important to know this information before you claim the bonus. Other than that, there should be no issues.

Betting Guide - Why do bookmakers offer bonuses?

  • Markets excluded from the rollover. This is one of the most important things, that must be checked before you even opt-in for a particular promotion. Some bookmakers exclude a certain type of bets, markets or sports disciplines from the rollover (which is, of course, mentioned in terms & conditions). As a result, bonus rollover becomes more complicated for punters who, let’s say, only follow esports or another popular market. However, it can also work the other way. There are betting sites that will only count live bets or ACCAs (with a certain min. odds for each selection) towards the rollover, which significantly lowers your chances to successfully complete a rollover.
  • The required amount of selections. This point is only related to bookmakers that require ACCAs to complete the rollover. The only difference here is that some services will ask you to have 2 selections on the slip when others would go for 3 or even 4 of those.
  • Min. odds. Regardless of the type of bet (single or acca), bookmakers usually list something like min. odds in their wagering requirements. It is basically the odds you have to place your bets at, in order to complete a rollover or qualify for a bonus. In some cases, it’s just 1.40 (2/5) but in others 1.80 (4/5) or even 2.00 (1/1). You must check it beforehand, to avoid further mistakes.

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