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Champions League betting

Bookmakers odds for the UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is without a doubt, the most prestigious and electrifying football competition in the world. Soon after the quarter final draw, the biggest bookmakers offered their odds for few Champions League markets such as Advancement into the semi-finals, Advancement into the final, Country of the winner or the Outright Winner of the competition.
Goal time bets

At which period of time are the most goals scored?

When it comes to football, the majority of bets placed on this discipline of sport is concerned with the winner of the match. It is known that football punters like to back one of the teams, and then nervously sit in front of the tv, watching the game and hoping that the team they placed their money on, will win.
Free kicks betting

How many goals are scored after free kicks?

Any punter who bets on football surely knows, that in order to place a successful bet, you need to consider any, even the most insignificant, details. In this article we will analyse the statistics of the free kicks as well as we will find out how often footballers score goals after these set pieces.
Football betting guide

How the number of shots influences the final result of the match?

Have you ever wondered what is the correlation between the number of shots and final result of the match? Do teams that have twice as many shots as their opponents, always win their games? From which areas footballers shoot the most goals?
Asian handicap

Asian Handicaps explained

Asian handicaps, just like the name suggests, trace their origins to Asia and at the beginning it was that region where they were primarily used.
Penalty cards betting

How penalty cards influence the outcome of the match

Some punters tend to underestimate the statistics, for example the number of committed fouls in a game.
The most common results in football

What are the most common results in football?

First thing that comes to one’s mind after deciding that he will bet on a particular match is deciding its result.
Penalties shoot-out betting

Does the better team always win in the penalty shoot-out?

There are two theories concerned with the penalty shoot-outs.