How to reach success in eSports betting?

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Introductionto top

Having heard the definition, a computer player often is imagined as a bit dizzy teenager, who prefers playing a favorite game on a computer instead of doing homework or going out with friends. Of course, there are such types of people. However, during several last years the computer gaming world has turned into an industry of a huge measure. There are such countries as North Korea, where the most popular national kind of sport is … Starcraft or a strategic computer game. This is not a joke. The best players have become idols of a pop culture, earning huge sums of money.
At the moment eSports has many tournaments, including several at a global scale. Continuously,
since 2003 The Electronic Sports World Cup takes place in Paris – nothing else than eSports World Cup. The prize fund of a tournament of such scale often is over several millions of dollars, the record was beaten in 2015, when during the International tournament in Seattle the combined prize fund made… 18 million dollars. Taking into account such huge popularity of the discipline, since eSports cannot be viewed as any other kind of sport, bookmakers have also started to get interested in it – virtually all the biggest bookmaker offices offer odds for eSports. In the given article we will try to give you several hints and pieces of advice, which will probably help while betting on eSports.


Knowledge of teams and playersto top

Similar to any other sporting discipline gathering of the maximum information about a player taking part in a given tournament is the first step to successful betting. eSports has developed to such extent that you can easily find statistics, data and all possible information about teams, players, their strategies and so on in the internet. You can also easily find live broadcasts or replays of the most important tournaments. You should not underestimate the power of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to find out in what shape your favorites are. Use those possibilities that the modern world gives us and deepen your knowledge by different facts, about which a bookmaker may not know, thus creating your advantage.


Knowledge of the game, the object of the bettingto top

To know the players is one thing. However, in order to have effective forecasts you should get thoroughly familiar with the games thematic, which you will be betting on. You do not need to know all games, just concentrate on the most important: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends or Starcraft. Knowledge of further maps or stages of the game will let you better evaluate chances for a threat during betting. The difficulty here is that the computer games world develops very quickly, new strategies or tactics are constantly being actualized. In general, this is an inconvenience, but also a chance for players. Thus, you can get knowledge that can help you define opponents and bookmakers.


Knowledge of tournament rulesto top

Before betting you should get familiar with the actual rules of a tournament. Pay attention to the prize fund, reputation and media coverage, potential live broadcasts on television or internet. This always makes the tournament’s level higher and strengthens players’ mobilization. All kinds of information about rules and principles of matches will also be significant. The longer are the matches, the higher are the chances that a favorite will overcome the main opponent. A shorter format is always a chance for weaker players to get use of a weakness moment of a “sure thing” and become a tournament’s sensation.


Ability to analyze eSports datato top

During the most prestigious tournament the games’ level is quite high and differences between particular players are hardly visible. This requires skills of translation of knowledge and statistics into certain events. In eSports, as, for instance, in tennis you can spot a so called impulse effect – the player winning the first set has high chances for a win of the following set due to inertia. Despite e-sport and tennis are kinds of sports that at the first glance do not have much in common, in some spheres you can find some common virtues. In both kinds of sport, a player cannot count on a break, substitute or rest. He or she can only count on self, and after a loss of the first set/tournament has to momentarily withstand the recent opponent.


Live betting on eSportsto top

As for any other discipline you can also bet online on eSports. But you should be cautious here and show great reflex. You should probably use a different concept for forecasting rather than for pre-match betting. As a rule, this is a great possibility for more experienced players to transfer their knowledge and knowing of the industry into real income. Each following game requires a different strategy, but all have the same aim. You need to have the ability to interpret changes during the game faster than a bookmaker.


In conclusionto top

Similar to other kinds of sport, in betting on eSports, your success will depend on knowledge, experience and ability to keep calm. Only the mix of these several  elements into a single unit will let you successfully bet on eSports. We hope that the use of the above mentioned hints will lead you to the biggest wins.


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18 milion dollars on esport? If this is right than I start to play counter strike even more

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