Paid betting tips - how to easily get money from players?

Paid betting tips offered by pseudo players. How to keep away from swindlers and choose good websites with betting tips for which we pay a lot of money?

Paid betting tips

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Notice! In this article we do not challenge professional websites which offer paid betting tips, which do not cheat players. Unfortunately there are few of the when compared to untrustworthy ones.

Because of many e-mail of rancorous I have decided to write an article regarding services offering “fantastic paid betting tips” for so called “easy money” which in most of the cases has lead players to bankruptcy.

Many players after a strike of bad luck in sports betting are looking for a way to get the money back. It is a stage, when they thinks that they do not have as much knowledge as bookmakers. As a result of frustration they start to do some research, often they find websites with paid tips offering easy earnings… Incredibly high percentage yield (40-50%) backed up by unreal archives works good for imagination.

Each day several thousands of websites with “sure betting tips”. Are these websites, facebook profiles and others have access to fixed matches, or are there owners such excellent tipsters? Let’s not believe it. 99% of such websites or profiles disappears after few months, and new ones, led by the same pseudo tipsters appear.

Most sites are opened in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Asia - a place with the statute of high risk. It is believed that in Asia there is the highest number of fixed matches, and  supposedly people from there have the knowledge which could lead us to fortune. The easiest way to involve an unaware player is by great archive, because usually such a player will eventually break down and pay for a subscription or only one betting tip which usually are quite expensive. Some pseudo tipsters who wants to earn money very quickly offer a single betting tip for as much as 300-500 euro!

The key factor is for the match to be in the league which is not very known, therefore not first league but second or third and that the odds are very attractive. Usually they are odds in which the host will lose until the break to at the end win the whole match. Betting odds for such matches are rather high (10-40) which for many players seems to be easy money. Do you think that is someone knows what the outcome of a match is going to be, he or she will share this information with you? It is very unlikely, because afterall this person could bet on this match at many bookmakers and win a lot of money. Golden eggs are not so easily sold! Moreover after few matches such a tipster would draw attention of services who fight against fixed matches in sports. Sooner or later he would have problems with the law. Nobody would boast about having an access to fixed matches. Only naive ones can believe in it.

Unreal archives are very common, as well as adding matches after the results are already known. An example could hitting few matches played at night (service is directed for Europe). In this service which exists a monthly subscription has been bought. For few weeks each betting tip comes to inbox in accordance with the archives, however suddenly in the archives a hit tip appears which we didn’t received, and other probably did not receive it as well. In the archives it is settled as a win. The website owner swears that he had sent that winning tip and maybe there was an error in inbox. Unfortunately the situation repeats itself two times more during one month and only in betting tips hit in the night with good odds over 2,50 and stake 5/10. Although service was supposed to end a month as a negative - it end up positive. There are hundreds of such examples. I warn people who have already both the subscription, be careful not to be cheated.


How to check if a website which offers paid betting tips is honest?to top

1)How long is it working on the market (we can check it by looking at the web archive). This way proves the certainty of a given service. Web archive will not show if the website has less than one year of activity.
2)It is good is a website is monitored by an outside service
3)If yield is larger than +30% it is suspicious. On the world there are not many tipsters who have such good results after betting on over 500 matches.
4)Check deeply archives of betting tips. I there are now bad serious such as 5-10 lost tips in a row or all the months are almost 100% positive, such a service is dishonest.
5)Honest services approach customers in a professional way and give money back for subscription if there are no results
6)Websites are led in an open way often with company’s data and regulations. In case of lack of information we can suspect dishonesty.
7)Good opinions on Internet forums, blogs are in my opinion of key importance. However unfair competition often writes badly about similar services. Therefore it is hard to find real info.
8)Quality of a website. Many websites are created very quickly without paying attention to aesthetics of a website. Nobody will want to invest in a service which will disappear after some times.


In conclusion you will be never 100% sure is you found a trustworthy service. However, its important to keep basic precautions rules to prevent double loss (paid subscription, losing bet). Independent monitoring services may help, however cheaters will continue to use the gullibility of the players, but let’s hope that on a smaller scale.


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