Terms policies

1. The given principles regulate the Bettingwell site’s usage.
2. The user has to get familiar with the given conditions before beginning to use the portal Bettingwell.com. Unfamiliarity with the rules will not be taken into consideration while looking into any disputes.


Main rules of the Bettingwell site’s usage
1. Bettingwell.com actually is a site with bookmaker thematic created for people who are at least 18 years of age and reside on the territory of a country where sports betting is legal. Before beginning using the site’s services each user has to check the correspondence of the country jurisdiction where he or she lives, whether sports betting and other gambling games are legal. The portal Bettingwell does not organize games, mutual betting, lotteries or awards by SMS.
2. Any usage of materials published on this site Bettingwell requires agreement of the administrator. Copying and expansion of materials which are on this site Bettingwell is strictly forbidden without permission of the administrator.
3. The content on the site which can abuse users will be considered as abusive or obscene, will be deleted from the site.
4. Any articles or comments which according to the administrator’s mind can harm the Bettingwell site’s user can be deleted from the site.
5. Users of the site Bettingwell.com agree to receive information about Facebook, Twitter or information connected with bookmakers, free forecasts, analytics, and company’s advertisement from the service to the mentioned electronic address.
6. Any remarks or complaints have to be directed to our  e-mail: bettingwellcom@gmail.com


Responsibility of the site
1. The site’s administrator is not responsible for any loss which is the result of using our forecasts, analytics and other texts, available on the site. Presented by us free forecasts are only of informational character, aim to reach the best results but the specificity of our activity cannot guarantee success in the future. Each player who uses free forecasts on the site Bettingwell does it at his or her own risk and cannot claim anything to the portal for potential loss.
2. The administrator does not guarantee continuity of the portal’s activity and is not responsible for loss in result of web site’s failure or technical problems (such as damage or server overload).


Intellectual property
1. Users can add only authorial texts or those to which they have rights.
2. All contents and images will be deleted by the administrator if there is a risk of the user not to have any rights for it.
3. In case when a user publishes images or texts for which he or she does not have rights, he or she is directly responsible before law for its publishing.


Final provision
The site owner has the right to change the statute’s conditions.