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Win £10.000.000 in Expekt Colossus sports lottery

Hands up who wants to win £10.000.000 in a sports lottery! We are certain that all of you. Because of Expekt bookmaker, now you have the opportunity to do so. The bookmaker offers betting pool sports lottery which is considered the biggest sports jackpot in the world. We introduce you The Expekt Colossus.

Expekt colossus sports lottery

Bet with Expekt on their Colossus sports jackpot and win up to £10.000.000!!!

From time to time, the whole nation is totally overwhelmed by the lottery mania. All news stations, tabloids and even old ladies at the grocery store are only talking about one thing - the jackpot in the lottery. In the meantime, the Expekt bookmaker offers such lottery jackpot all year long, 24 hours a day. All you need to do to become a millionaire is £0.20, access to the Internet and...a bit of luck. If you have a considerable knowledge about sports, especially football, and you are not afraid of high odds, you will definitely love the newest invention of the Expekt bookmaker - The Colossus sports lottery. It is a pool betting sports jackpot with a massive winning pool. As the name suggests it, if you are the lucky person to ‘hit the jackpot’ and win this lottery, you can win £10.000.000!

How to hit the jackpot in the Expekt Colossus sports lottery?

It is very easy. All you have to do is to guess the CORRECT SCORES of seven matches proposed by the bookmaker and hope that you will be the only one to accomplish this feat (in case of multiple winners, the winning pool is split between them). To win £10.000.000, you need to bet £2.00. You can, of course, bet less money (£0.20, £0.50 or £1.00 ) but your potential winnings will decrease with smaller stake. For example, for £0.20 we can ‘only’ win £1.000.000. In our opinion, it is not worth playing with such low stakes, after all, if we are lucky, we can win much more money.

The option to choose few outcomes of the particular event is very helpful (for example, if we are not sure of the result of one of the games in the coupon, we can pick few options such as 0:1, 0:2 and 1:2). It must be said though, that with each selected outcome, the probability of winning is getting higher but so is the cost of our coupon.

If somehow you could not manage to successfully predict the outcome of all games, the bookmaker is also offering smaller prizes. You can win £5000 if you correctly predict the results of 6 / 7 games and £3000 in case of 5 / 7 (Given that your stake was £2). As the name suggest it, The Colossus sports jackpot is the biggest and most popular option of this sports lottery. Nevertheless, Expekt also offers other betting pool lotteries with smaller money to win but much more easy than the Colossus.

Pick 15

 In this sports lottery, there is more events, but we do not have to predict their correct scores. We only need to choose the overall outcome of the game: win of the home team, a draw or the win of the away team. Much easier, isn’t it?

Even more so because, as in the case of The Colossus, here we also can select more than one possible outcome for each game (For example a X2 Double Chance option) as well as entirely exclude few selections by choosing all possible results for them. Once again, the more selections we choose, the bigger is the probability of winning and the overall cost of the coupon.

As in the case of other sports lotteries, Expekt offers us smaller prizes for being very close to winning and what is even more important, a CASH OUT option that enables us to close our bet and monetize our results any time we want.

Other sports jackpots in the Expekt lottery

 For all of you, who are afraid of such big sums of money, Expekt prepared few other sports jackpots with lower number of events (Thus higher probability to win) but also smaller prizes.

* Note that the Colossus sports jackpot is also offered by Betclic bookmaker.



I prefer regular, straight bets. This is too much unpredictable. One goal could change everything.


nice promotion, definately looks good but it have to be terrible hard to win something. Come on - to pick 1 correct score you need some luck but to pick 5 or 6? A lot of noise for nothing.


Hard to believe anyone would win the full pool in this... I mean, there could be 20 winners and after they split the money you would get like 500 bucks or something. Worth the risk and money? Don't think so.

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