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Fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci betting system (named after the sequence of numbers it uses) is one of the most interesting betting systems. It can be particularly good alternative for football or hockey punters that have problems with predicting the winner of a match and tend to get emotional in their betting. If you are disciplined and use this system, you have good chances of getting significant profits. Nevertheless, remember that every system and strategy have their disadvantages. That is why, we have decided to both explain and examine this betting system for you.

Fibonacci sequence

What is the Fibonacci sequence?

The name ‘Fibonacci sequence’ was derived from the nickname of the mathematician, Leonardo of Pisa, known for introducing both the Hindu-Arabic number system and the Fibonacci numbers (also called Fibonacci sequence) to Europe and consequently the whole Western world, at the beginning of the XIII century. Although the sequence was created by early Indian mathematicians, it is Fibonacci who modernized the concept and used in practical examples.    

At first, he used the sequence for the description of the reproduction process of a rabbit population. The name ‘Fibonacci sequence’ was popularized by a French mathematician Édouard Lucas in the 19th century.

From the mathematical point of view, Fibonacci sequence can be expressed by the following equation:





The following numbers of the Fibonacci sequence are known as the Fibonacci numbers. A moot point among many mathematicians seems to be the question whether the number ‘0’ should be considered to be part of this group or not (In gambling you skip the 0).

Fibonacci Betting System

Coming back to the sports betting, the Fibonacci betting system can be perceived as a modified, slightly more difficult to understand, version of an already described, progression betting system. As it was already mentioned, this system uses the Fibonacci sequence for betting on sports or in casinos. In Fibonacci betting system our current stake for a bet is the sum of our two previous stakes. The main idea in this system is to constantly bet on draws and cover your lost bets with the successful ones by maneuvering up or down the sequence of numbers that you use in your staking.

We only bet for the draw results as the bookmakers supposedly have difficulties in predicting such results and we have better chances of winning big money. When you lose one bet, you make another one. You continue this until you made any profits from your betting, then it is advised to stop betting using this strategy. For some time you can make more money from won bets than from the lost ones and overall you will get profits. Although it should be said here, that just like any other betting system and strategy, Fibonacci betting system is not flawless and you could end up losing all your money using it.


Suppose we start our simulation from 2£ and place stakes for a draw with the odds 3,50.

Level Stake Our input Loss/Win Loss/Income
1 2 2 0 -2
2 2 4 0 -4
3 4(2+2) 8 0 -8
4 6(2+4) 14 0 -14
5 10(4+6) 24 0 -24
6 16(6+10) 40 0 -40
7 26(10+16) 66 0 -66
8 42(16+26) 108 0 -108
9 68(26+42) 176 0 -176
10 110(42+68) 286 385 -286+385=99


We placed bets on draws with the usage of the Fibonacci sequence, with the same 3,50 odds. Despite that the 9 out of 10 bets were unsuccessful, the 10th one gave us the profits of 99£.

Few important rules

To earn money using the Fibonacci betting system, you must stick to the following rules:

  1. After the first successful choice, go one level down when you are staking.
  2. After yet another successful choice (second in a row), start your betting from the beginning.
  3. A defeat equals going to the higher level of stakes.

What should be remembered when using the Fibonacci betting system?

  • In contrast to progression betting system where you multiply last two stakes, in Fibonacci you just add them.
  • This system is most successful in football and hockey.
  • To win a significant amount of money you need to predict the outcomes of two events in a row.
  • This system is not intended for the impatient players who quickly want to win large amounts of money.
  • Try to avoid competitions where there is a lot of goals and a handful of draws.
  • Avoid betting on teams that often have series of same results, even if they are draws.
  • Bet on teams with defensive style of playing.
  • Do not bet using this system at the beginning and at the end of the season.

Our Opinion

Without a doubt, the Fibonacci betting system is one of the most intriguing betting systems in the world. It is a great strategy for people who have problems with selecting the winner of the event and overall are not very reasonable in their betting. Furthermore, it can theoretically give you profits in a long term.

However, in real-life betting there are no such things as unlimited budget that can cover each lost bet or no limits to the stakes. Thus, just like any other strategy or betting system, Fibonacci cannot guarantee that you will win any money.

What is more, it does not surely improve your chances of winning at all. Although eventually you can win a bet using this method, if you use it for a longer period of time and have a long streak of losses, the stakes will get really high and you will have to use a lot of money to cover the lost bets. Thus, at some point you will be heavily under your budget and could find yourself without money or even in debt. If that happens, you will have no funds to cover the lost bets and you will not continue betting using the Fibonacci system which will result in your ultimate failure.



I should have listened to my mom when she told me that maths will bring me money in the future...

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