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Betting system Paroli

The Paroli system is a positive progression betting system popular among punters who do not have much budget and do not want to bet high amounts of money. It is considered to be the complete opposite of the Martingale system. In this system, the focus is on the consistency of wins rather than on the amount of money you can overall win. It also helps you to avoid large losses and keeps your betting budget relatively well-balanced. The system is quite popular among the casino players but have some fans in the sports betting punter community. Paroli betting system is considered to be one of the easiest betting strategies.

Betting system Paroli

What is the Paroli betting system?

The system derives its name from Latin word par which stands for ‘equal, the one that has equal or similar value’. Like in other positive progression betting systems, in the Paroli, you increase your stake after each win. Here, you double your wager after every win and in case of lost bet you go back to betting your initial stake. Last important rule is to bet until you get three consecutive win bets in a row. Then, it is advised to stop or start staking from the beginning. It is like that because, statistically, anything past three consecutive wins becomes more and more unlikely.

First thing that you must do before using not only the Paroli, but any betting system, is to choose your stakes. We already mentioned in several articles published on our website that proper management of your betting budget, also known as bankroll, is crucial for the long-term success in sports betting. It is the same in this case. In Paroli betting system, you should bet a small piece of your budget, preferably 2%-3% of your entire budget. In this system you could often lose bets, so it is important not to bet with high stakes. Like in any positive progression betting system, in Paroli, at some point, your stakes can get really high, it is thus important to plan and try to forecast your possible winnings or lost money to know when to stop betting using this system. You should also remember that this system is intended primarily for even money bets.


Level Bet Our Input Odds Loss/Win Loss/Income
1 2 2 2,00 0 -2
2 2 4 2,00 0 -4
3 2 6 2,00 0 -6
4 2 8 2,00 0 -8
5 2 10 2,00 0 -10
6 4 14 2,00 +4 -8
7 8 22 2,00 +8 -4
8 2 24 2,00 0 -6
9 4 28 2,00 +8 -4
10 8 36 2,00 +16 0

Analysis of the example:

In the above simulation, we have invested 36 pounds and we have won also 36£, guessing 4 out of 10 events. That means we finished our betting with even betting budget.

Our opinion

As it was mentioned before, the Paroli betting system is probably the easiest betting system, even for the beginning punters, who will have no problems in mastering and using it. Other advantage of this system is that it is one of the more stable and regular betting systems ever invented. You do not win big sums, but your losses do not influence your bankroll as much as they would in other systems. Furthermore, you do not have to posses a large budget to begin betting using the Paroli. What is more, the probability of losing your entire budget in comparison with other betting strategies is much lower. It is because of small staking on single bets and already mentioned rules (end betting after three wins in a row, bet only one unit after a lost bet).

From the other hand, this system heavily relies on the streaks. The punter will be successful only if he wins at least 3 times in a row. This is as probable as losing 3 consecutive bets. Thus, the Paroli, does not improve your statistical chances for winning money. Furthermore, the longer you bet using this system, the higher is the possibility that you will lose all your money. The key is to make more profits from winning streaks than from the lost ones.

Summing up, we believe that if you follow the rules of the Paroli system, you could be successful, though, it does not mean that you have better chances for winning any money by using this system than any other sports betting strategy.



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