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Cover in sports betting

The Cover is such a gaming method in which the arranging of two out of three possible variants of the given sporting bets lets you win thanks to one variant out of two and receive the betting refund at the second variant.

Cover in sports betting

What is a cover?

Cover can be seen in the world of sports betting more often lately. It is hard to tell what influences the growing popularity of this betting method so much. Here we specifically use the notion “betting method” and not the bookmakers’ system as in our opinion Cover has nothing in common with it. Why? We are not Cover followers but it is possible to point out several positive qualities of this method among which we can include:

  • risk limitation
  • a very fast way of earning money (though not much)
  • small initial capital
  • possible small financial expenses
  • wide usage (to all types of the three variant bets)
  • doesn’t need much time.

What does this betting method consist in?

The notion Cover itself means that this is such a betting method in which the arranging of two out of three possible variants of the given sports betting lets you win thanks to one variant out of two and receive the betting refund at the second variant. It is needed to add that in case of the third variant not foreseen by us, the bet will be lost. The popularity of Cover is a contentious issue that can appear from the simplicity of this betting method and also the easiness of its usage since you can use Cover in any game under the condition that the given occasion has a three-variant character (1X2), victory of hosts, draw, victory of guests.


Arsenal – Newcastle (odds for the events 1X2)

  • Arsenal – 2.30
  • X – 3.10
  • Newcastle – 3.40

Our stake is £100  which we put on Arsenal (67,7 * 2.30) and on draw (32,3 * 3.10)!
If the match ends with the victory of Arsenal then:

  • we win 67,7 * 2.30 = £155,71
  • we lose £32.3 put on draw

In such case our winning equals 155.71 - 100 = £55,71
If the match ends in a draw:

  • we lose 67,7 put on the victory of Arsenal
  • we win the stake put on draw: 32,3 * 3.10 = 100,13

In this case we end our game virtually with zero: 100,13 - 100 = £0,13.
If the match ends with the victory of Newcastle:

  • we lose £67,7 put on Arsenal
  • we lose £32,3 put on draw

In this case we lose both put stakes which make £100 

How to calculate bets for both opportunities of the game?

Sports betting is pure math and there is nothing difficult in calculating bets in Cover. The only thing that we need are the odds put on sporting bets and an ordinary calculator. It is enough to divide the whole bet(in our case the £100) by the odds for a draw (in our case 3.10). In such a way we get a bet which we put on draw – £32,30. Then from the whole sum which we spend on betting (£100) we subtract the bet on draw (32,30) and we get the size of the bet on the victory of Arsenal £67,70.


  • £100 (the whole sum of bets for the match): 3.10 (odds for a draw)= 32,30 (our bet for the draw)
  • £100 (the whole sum) – 32,30 = 67,70 (our bet for the victory of Arsenal)
  • We put £67,70 on the victory of Arsenal and £32,30 on the draw which makes our capital in total.

Facts and myths about Cover

First publications devoted to this betting method have a long time ago appeared in England. It is not something new as punters with many years’ experience of struggle with bookmakers have included it in their playing arsenal. On the other hand many do not treat it as a safe source of income since only huge capital can bring such income. Cover doesn’t provide 100% confidence in winning, it is only 66.67% chance for the final win since possibilities of appearance of the given result always equal three. The next myth which should be know is the claim of many punters that no knowledge about sport is needed to use this method. This is a very original approach to this topic considering the fact that there are enough surprises in sports betting.

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