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Corruption in Football

Probably the worst thing in the world is a feeling that the match that just destroyed our high-stake bet was not entirely fair. Every person who bets on football felt that at least once and knows for sure that it is not a pleasant feeling. Unfortunately, those things happen and will happen again. Nevertheless, with our help you can learn how to watch out for that kind of fixtures.

corruption in football

Which matches carry highest risk of being fixed?

Especially those in which one of the teams is playing for something important (either the championship, place in the European cups or relegation) and the opposition players in their minds are already on vacation. It is a common practice in that kind of situation to lose on purpose to the team ‘in need’ and football authorities often are powerless and don’t do anything about it. After all, no one was offered a thing for this, it was just a ‘small favour’. There is a famous saying in the world of football: ‘you help us now, we help you next year’. Despite how awful that sounds, it unfortunately does happen and that is why we stay away from that kind of fixtures. Similarly to the matches of teams that have known ‘friendship’ between them. All over the world there are clubs, whose fans live in a very good relations with other club’s supporters. In that kind of fixtures the practice of throwing away a match and ‘giving’ the points to the team ‘in need’ of them is very common and everybody knows about it.

Which league rounds are the most vulnerable?

Definitely the last ones. The clashes that decide about the final positions in the table in every league competition carry more risk of being fixed than those at the beginning of the season. It is in the last rounds of the league season that the decisive results, that often determine the future of a particular team for a many years, happen. The relegation is for many teams a huge blow that can be hard to forget for many seasons after, that is why the clubs grab on to anything to prevent themselves from the relegation from the league. Unfortunately the means they use to do that often do not coincide with the fair play rules of the game.

Countries with highest risk

Basically every country. Of course there are countries with football leagues that fixed matches are more common to happen ( countires in the balkans, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America ), but that does not mean that every fixture in, let’s say Belgian or German league are certainly fair and square. There are proved cases of corruption in matches of the World Cup and the Champions League. Staying focused should be enough for you to bypass those kind of matches.

Fixed matches more common in the lower leagues

Top, premier divisions of the league competitions consist mostly of rich sponsorship deals, numerous cameras around the field and thousands of fans both in the stadium and in front of the tv. In this conditions fixing a match is not impossible, but it carries a lot more risk. Players from the lower leagues have a lot more easier task. After all, how many video cameras record a match in the second division? or how many spectators are on the stadium in the third division?. Every 'swindle’ there will be easier to disguise than in, for example, Premier League, which is followed every week by millions of fans from all over the world.



Corruption in football is "rife" in the lower leagues - League 1, League 2 & National League!!!! Many players don't even train hard the week before a match because they are aware that they have to lose! Bets that include BTTS also go down the pan as their main strikers ensure they always shoot "off-target" - very sad but confirmed by the pro's :-( That coupon that needed that "one" team to score was probably never going to happen........................................


It is always all about the money. Sad reality....

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