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Successful prediction of greyhound racing

Even Ancient Romans held greyhound racing, where the greyhounds chased live hares or foxes. The winner ate its prey usually in front of enthusiastic spectators. In XI century England only the noblemen could have greyhounds and hunt with them. With time they began to organise amateur races for their pets. All this lead to appearance of the discipline which is known today.

Greyhound betting

Greyhound racing history

Ancient Romans held primitive greyhound racing, the greyhound chased live hares or foxes, and the winner ate its prey in front of enthusiastic spectators. In XI century England only the noblemen could have greyhounds and hunt with them. With time they began to organise amateur races for their pets. All this lead to appearance of the discipline which is known today.

In the beginning of the XIX century construction of special tracks for dog races took place and the live hare was replaced by a dummy that moved along the track thanks to an electric engine. With time the rules were unified, licenses for greyhounds were introduced, and the races became a very popular entertainment on several continents – the majority of enthusiasts gathered in Australia, USA, England and Ireland.

Greyhound races in sports betting

The largest bookmaker offices could not stay aside and spectate the development of such market and decided to enter it. In countries where races are popular, bets on greyhound races are not just an addition to the offer. For example, in Australia races are the second most often chosen betting market, and the cost of the set bets on greyhound races in 2014 was more than $3 billion.

The thing that attracts fans of greyhound races is great dynamic (after going out of the boxes dogs reach the speed of 60 km/h in just several seconds), staginess, simple and understandable rules and the fact that time between betting and regulation of a bet makes just several minutes. The most important events during the whole year Greyhound night of Wars in the US (part of income from bets goes to the foundation Animals of America), the English Derby (one of the most prestigious greyhound races in the world, held since 1927 and the Irish Derby.

Types of bet on greyhound races

  • Straight bet – the simplest and most popular bet on the market. A punter has to choose a greyhound which will according to his prediction end the race first. We recommend it to experienced and beginner punters.
  • Place – a bet requiring huge knowledge but leaving a a minimal limit of mistakes. Here it is about the choosing of a greyhound which will end the race first or second.
  • Show – requires to choose a greyhound which will end the race in the first three. The type of bet is recommended to punters who are far from being experts but want to play with decent odds.
  • Across the board – nothing else but three bets in one. Betting on one greyhound you play with a simple bet, show and place bets. If the chosen greyhound wins you win money from three markets, if it is second you get money from two markets, if it is third – just from one market.
  • Daily Double – a punter has to predict the winner of the first and second races before the first race of the day.
  • Pick 6 bet – analogous to the previous kind, but now the greyhound has to win 6 races in a row. The odds grow together with the difficulty level.
  • Straight Forecast – choose 2 greyhounds which have to finish in the given by the punter order. It is the high school of mastery, the higher the odds the higher the winning.
  • Treble Forecast – similar to the previous bet, with just the difference that a punter has to choose 3 greyhounds and predict an exact order of their finish. This is a very difficult kind of bet, requiring huge experience and intuition, but giving huge income.
  • Pick 3 bet – choose a greyhound which will win in three races in a row. This variant is good for more experienced punters since it requires huge knowledge but the potential winning might be quite big.
  • Jackpot – needs to predict winners in any 6 races, similar to the accumulation bet, with the difference that forecast for 6 races requires huge knowledge and intuition.

What to pay attention to while betting on greyhound races?

  • Knowledge of greyhounds is the basis, similar to all other disciplines. Before betting try to get information about greyhounds taking part in the race, you should track their previous races and statistics. Speed, agility and psychic stability characterise a greyhound which systematically reaches success in races. Not less important or maybe even the most important in a champion’s education is contact with the owner - how the owner deals with his greyhound.
  • We forecast greyhound races where only greyhounds that have been competing lately take part. A several week break can worsen the condition of even the fastest greyhound, maybe it got a minor injury about which we may not know. You should wait for the first performances of a greyhound and be certain of its possibilities.
  • You should pay attention to the greyhound’s age – males usually reach the peak condition at a 2 years’ age, while females a year later.
  • The least difficult is the Simple bet – choosing the winner of the race. You should not overdo and bet on every race. Concentrate on several, about which you can get reliable information.
  • Weather – rain or soaked track are good for heavy greyhounds and those that run on the inner circle.
  • Drawing of starting boxes – extremely important issue. Statistics show that those starting on the inner circle most often end races first, since they have more chances for a corresponding place during the first and final turn.
  • Look up which greyhounds start in the next door box to your favourite. If it turns out that the favourite runs near the fastest dog, great chances are a theoretically weaker greyhound will try to keep up with their neighbour’s tempo.
  • Dog's weight – how unbelievable it may sound, heavier dogs have more chances for a win. It often gets to contacts between “competitors” and the heavier greyhound will simply have better chance of blocking even the fastest opponent.
  • Punters often get attracted to greyhounds which reached significant successes in the past. This is a mistake. You should concentrate on the actual condition, not the excellent performances in the past.
  • If the odds for any greyhound before the race are being significantly lowered, this often means that chances for a win are significantly increasing. A wise observation of changes of odds will let you catch the most valuable offer.



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