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Long jump – a bettor’s guide

Long jump betting

History of long jump

Long jumps have been existing as a sporting discipline for a long-long time. They were present back in the times of the Ancient Olympic games in 709 B.C. what is testified by multiple paintings and engravings. The kind of sport itself differs a bit from the one we know today. In the past sportsmen held heavy objects in hands, which due to skillful maneuvering extended the jump phase. 

In ancient Rome, in its turn, trainings of long jumps were a mandatory element of military preparation and the competitions were held during all the possible festivals and family holidays. Development of the discipline which we know today began in the XIX century and its motherland is considered to be Great Britain. Long jumps were one of the main rivalries between universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Interestingly, their results did not significantly differ from the modern ones.

Types of bets on long jump

They are not the main position in bookmaker offers, but during the most important tournaments the majority of bookmakers set their offer for jumping. Thus, during the Olympic Games, World and European Championships, prestigious competitions of the IAAF series any fan of long jumps can find something for himself. Bookmaker companies usually set odds for several markets:

  • Outright winner – in this kind of bet you have to correctly predict which athlete will win the competition. At first sight, this variant is very simple, however it requires huge knowledge about the current form of starting sportsmen.
  • Bet on top 3 – a bit easier kind of bet due to little bound of mistakes which you can do. But this is done due to odds which in this case will be a bit lower.
  • H2H bet – some bookmakers also set odds for H2H bets. Between two chosen by the bookmaker sportsmen the punter has to name the one who, according to his opinion, will turn out to be better. Of course, the odds will be very low for definite favourites, so we recommend to look for higher odds for sportsmen that are lower classified, not in the list of favourites.

Long jump betting

  • Knowledge of athletes – is the basis for betting on jumps. Even if at the moment you are not leading specialists in the given kind of sport – nothing to worry about. In the era of Internet it is not a problem to get the required information, results and statistics. In order to get familiar with the discipline and the principles of holding tournaments you should watch broadcasts of any competition, even replays.
  • Tournament’s prestige – a high rank of competition is simultaneously a high prize fund and medial demand. Athletes try to keep in optimal condition before the most prestigious tournaments, so you should not be waiting for sensations. Black horses should be looked for during competitions of the lowest rank, where the best jumpers may have it hard to keep concentration at the highest level.
  • Season’s phase – also has great importance on the form of the best athletes who, as a rule, enter the season very slow and prepare the optimal form for the most important tournaments. the beginning of the season, undoubtedly, is the best time to look for sensations.
  • An athlete’s age – it is known that the older is the athlete – the more experienced he is. Age has key importance especially during the Olympic games. If a successful jumper does not yet have an Olympic medal in his collection and his career is about to end, you can be sure that he will do everything possible at the Olympics in order to get the desired medal. 
  • Psychic stability – pressure which athletes undergo to is huge. Success achievement in this kind of sport in huge extent depends on the ability to concentrate and be self-controlled, and later on use the gathered energy in a corresponding moment. A sportsman who cannot do it cannot dream of success and can have different problems on his way, even family ones. Therefore, you should track the profiles of athletes in social networks. Messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will be your source of useful information.

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