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Snooker is a game for gentlemen. The first game of billiards was played by British soldiers being at military service in India, who invented a new kind of billiards due to being bored. It took place in the XIX century and the game had not yet had definite rules, it resembled officers’ entertainment. The first official tournament in Europe was played in 1926 and in 1952 snooker players organised the World Championship. A real development of this discipline took place in the 70's and a huge impact on this had a wider access to…colour television.

Currently snooker is at a reorganisation stage. New authorities try to attract a maximum amount of sponsors, and the number of organised tournaments is bigger than ever. The time when 2-3 snooker players dominated in this kind of sport has passed, new people are appearing. Snooker players get tired due to often travels between Europe, China and Thailand. The thing that joys sponsors and fans of the games has become a real curse both for sportsmen and punters.
Tournaments are played with small breaks within a full year, snooker players travel to several continents and the number of surprises has led to even professional players having problems with successful prediction. On the basis of cooperation with experienced players we decided to create something of a teach book that has to help You in effective betting on snooker.

Types of bookmaker bets on snooker

As we have already mentioned, tournaments are held during virtually the whole year and the majority of them can be found in bookmaker offers. Except from three most important: Great Britain Championship in December, Masters in January and World Championship at the end of April and beginning of May, a full mass of rating tournaments is held, in which a principle of current position in classification and non-rating tournaments, holding of which depends on sponsors’ generosity. Bookmakers have prepared bets of different kind for the majority of competitions.

  • Bets on tournament – probably the least difficult and the most often chosen kind of bets among bettors. Here you just have to predict a snooker player who, according to Your mind, will not leave chances to his opponents and will win the tournament. We recommend bets to punters who have general idea of the tournament but are far from being experts.
  • Bets on a match – the next very popular offer in the bookmaker offer. A punter has to correctly predict the winner of a certain match, it is much easier since there are no draws here. This is a suitable type of bets for experts and beginner players.
  • Correct score – A punter has to offer an exact result of the match end. We recommend these bets to professional players who have huge knowledge of players and their previous matches.
  • A maximal break – a bookmaker asks you which snooker player will reach the maximum number of points in one series (continuous series of hits). You can bet on maximal break during a certain match and the whole tournament.
  • Handicaps – in a match where one of the snooker players is obviously better skilled and has a higher position in rating than his opponent, bookmakers try to equal their chances a bit, they use different handicap lines. In order not to get to a draw, handicaps are set at the level – 0,5, -1,5, -2,5 an so on. This type of bet is devised for more serious punters, possessing the necessary knowledge of players.
  • Over/under – a rather demanding variant, but here players can make insignificant mistakes. Usually bookmakers offer several slots (for example, 10-12, 13-15), among which you have to choose the one that according to your mind is the most probable.
  • 147 bet – a two-variant type of bet Yes/No. a question arises: “Will any snooker player get the maximum amount of points (147) during a match/tournament in 1 series (1 break)”. The bet is based on knowledge and also luck and intuition since it is impossible to predict such result with 100% confidence.
  • Live betting – there are several types of live betting. The most popular “Who wins the match”, “Who wins the current frame”, “Who wins the following frame”, or “Who scores the following ball”. Betting for a winner live you should be attentive, especially at the time of ball break – it is part of a match when the odds change from second to second and you can catch valuable odds. Snooker, in spite of vision, is a very dynamic discipline and the situation on the pool table and in the tournament table changes constantly. Thus, this type of bets is recommended only to punters with huge experience and nerves of steel.

What to pay attention to when betting on snooker?

  • Knowledge of snooker players is an absolute must. Before betting for the first time, you should watch several tournaments, track ratings, statistics and H2H matches history.  Find out in what condition the snooker player you will be betting on is, how his preparation looks and what aims he puts before him for the current season. Use help of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram since information and rumour presented there often bring more benefit than statistics and thorough analysis.
  • Physical and psychological preparation – you should analyse a given snooker player’s condition, his gaming style and preparation. Since snooker is a game that requires non-human concentration and a “clear mind”, thus all rumours about nonsporting style of life or family problems can give us advice in many things. Sportsmen can also be prey of minor injuries (especially back injuries), if you got such information earlier than bookmakers you have huge advantage at the moment of betting.
  • Psychic stability and gaming under pressure – during a match snooker players are under huge pressure, and despite at least tennis or football players, they do not have time for relaxation. It is hard to imagine a snooker player shouting at his opponent or throwing the cue after an unsuccessful series – calm game of gentlemen. Therefore, players have to find ways how to get rid of stress and needless emotions. For less experienced snooker players a jump between provincial and more prestigious tournaments, which are of huge interest from the side of mass media and fans, can also be a problem.
  • You do not need to be afraid of high odds – if our analysis and the bookmaker intuition tell that an outsider will win, do not be afraid to bet with high odds. Surprises in snooker happen often.
  • Tournament’s prestige – it is known that the higher the rank and prize fund the bigger is the players’ motivation for reaching a positive result. This works in two ways. High level of motivation is applicable for the main favourites of the tournament and snooker players holding lower positions in the classification. Statistics show, however, that a huge number of unexpected results happened during less prestigious tournaments.
  • Season phase – during the first tournaments of the season snooker players often are on vacation in their mind and condition of theoretically stronger sportsmen leaves much to be desired. It is that moment in the calendar when theoretically the biggest number of unexpected results happen, professional bettors try to use it in their favour.
  • Analysis of the tournament network – an important element, especially in case of betting on the tournament’s winner. It can happen that our favourite will get to the hardest matches after draw procedure, thus his way to the final will be much more difficult than the odds show.
  • Surprises should be looked for in tournaments with the shortest match formula, for example Best of 7 Formula. The shorter the gaming format, the less time the match favourite has for compensating potential losses.
  • The referee does not impact the match result – in contrast to many kinds of sport you need not fear that our snooker player will be unfairly punished. The referee’s role is just to spectate the appropriate match course.
  • Sure betting in snooker is a definite way to bankruptcy – as we have already mentioned earlier the amount of surprises is significant and betting just on favourites will lower our chances for success.

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