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How to effectively bet on field hockey

Field hockey, contrary to vision, is a very popular discipline. The first mention of it dates back to 2200 years ago, it has been present in the program of the Olympic games since 1908 and more than 3 million people from more than 100 countries of the world go in for field hockey.

Field hockey betting

Field hockey in sports betting

The most important competition in this kind of sport, of course, is the Olympic games, and to a little less extent the World Championship. At this time both bookmakers and punters become active. Despite the fact that in the course of the Olympics the majority of self-respecting bookmakers offer bets on field hockey,    they do not treat it serious and their potential mistakes while setting the odds give us a chance for a win.
As in the majority of team kinds of sports you can choose from several kinds of bets, including standard, 1X2, handicaps (-1.5, +1.5) or over/under.

Successful predicting of field hockey

  • Predicting of field hockey results is an ideal decision for players, looking for attractive markets with low limits. Bookmakers understand that potential losses can be compensated by other markets. Moreover, their knowledge of the given discipline does not impress, what gives us possibility to catch excellent odds. Look for the more valuable over/under lines, where mistakes appear the most often.
  • Nobody will probably be surprised that knowledge of teams or particular players is a completely necessary requirement. You should find information about previous tournaments, track the history of H2H matches (especially the number of scored goals) and check the current places in the tournament tables and ratings.
  • In the search of news about field hockey use social networks, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Here you can often find information about injuries, bad state of health or family problems of the given sportsmen. Such knowledge will let you define bookmakers, setting the odds.
  • Depending on the importance of a match, coaches can set the strongest or lower line ups. But waiting to predict till the last moment has risks of lowering the odds. Thus, try to predict the line ups of both teams, based on the given information or even situations from social networks. The risk, of course, is much bigger, but the odds are also higher.



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