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Effective prediction of discus throw

Discus throw is one of the main Olympic disciplines. According to myths the first discus thrower was the Greek hero Perseus and the competition in Olympia was held in 708 B.C. In the program of the modern Olympic Games discus throw has been present since 1896. Of course, within the past time methods and principles changed, the distance of throwing in ancient times was measured by a wooden stick and the stone discus weighed even 8 kg, what would be unthinkable today (in current time the discus used by women weighs 1 kg, and men – 2 kg).

Discus throw betting

Types of bets on discus throw

It would be false to claim that bets on discus throw dominate in bookmaker offers. However, in the course of the most important tournaments the majority of bookmakers set their odds, which have demand of fans of this kind of sport. The main tournament of discus throwers is, undoubtedly, the Olympic games, just a bit lower in the hierarchy are the World and European Championships and the series of prestigious competitions IAAF. Bookmaker companies usually offer bets on several markets.

  • Outright winner – in order for the bet to win you have to correctly predict a discus thrower who ends the tournament at the highest place of the pedestal. The bet does not belong to the number of the simplest but the odds look very good. An experienced eye of a bettor should without problems find positions in bookmaker offer worth attention.
  • Bet on the top 3 – our task is to predict the names of athletes who will end the competition in the first three. This gives us a big field for maneuvers since due to knowledge and experience you can find a lower classified discus thrower who according to your mind will be able to fight for the higher places in the classification.
  • H2H betting – some bookmakers also set bets in which the player’s task is to choose the discus thrower from the pair of sportsmen, who will end the competition on a higher position. Sometimes odds makers’ mistakes appear in choosing of athletes pairs and also mistakenly set odds. Thus, you need to stay attentive since you may be able to find an event of interest with attractive odds.

How to effectively bet on discus throw?

  • Knowledge of discus throwers – Even if at the moment you do not have such knowledge – nothing to worry about. What do you have the Internet for? There you can find all the possible statistics, histories of previous tournaments, medal owners etc. you should also look through accounts of sportsmen in social networks. The athletes themselves often post different information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, which an experienced punter can use with benefit for oneself.
  • Stadium/premises – the place of holding the competition has huge importance, some discus throwers feel themselves much better at open stadiums, while other achieve better results in closed premises. It can be checked very easy, on the basis of results achieved in previous competitions at both kinds of objects.
  • Competition’s prestige – it is known that the higher the rank of a competition the higher the prize fund and players’ motivation. Although it is not a rule, you should probably not look for surprises in the course of the Olympic games. Favourites are usually totally prepared and confirm their mastery. Situation looks differently in cases of less prestigious competitions, especially at the beginning of the season. The disposition of world leaders is often far from ideal and sensational results can happen.
  • Do not be afraid of high odds – many little experienced players lose confidence when they see high odds. Despite having it clear from information that the discus thrower can reach success they take into account the opinion of bookmakers instead of own thinking. So, you should be confident in your knowledge and trust your intuition.

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