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Betting on pole vault

Pole vault belongs to vertical jumping, similar to high jumping, with the difference that an athlete uses field and track pole made of high quality plastic in order to jump over the plank that is several meters above the ground.

Pole vault betting


This kind of a track and field multi-athlon is present in the Summer Olympic Games program, however the start was not easy. For example, during the OG in Paris in 1900, the competition of pole jumping took place in the Bois de Boulogne. Due to it being a Sunday three American sportsmen refused from competition. The organisers did not want to evoke a scandal, reassured the three athletes that they can perform the jumps on Monday and their results will be credited to the competition. Later they changed their decision but forgot to inform the three Americans about it, who found out about the incident last.

Types of pole vault bets

It is now hard to imagine that such scandals take place and this kind of sport has become totally professional. The most important tournaments, of course, are the Summer Olympic Games, the World and European Championship and also a number of prestigious tournaments. The most important competitions can be met in bookmaker offer and they are of huge demand among many fans. Bookmakers offer several types of bets: 

  • Bet on the Winner – the simplest and most popular kind of bet on the market. A punter just has to predict the last name of the competition winner.
  • Bet 1-3 – allows players some percentage of mistakes. Here players have to predict athletes who take first 3 places. The betting type is a bit easier and we recommend it to less experienced punters.
  • H2H bets – bookmakers offer certain pairs of athletes and your task is to correctly predict who of the two takes a higher place.

What to remember when betting on pole vault

  • Despite competing against each other trying to reach the best results, actually sportsmen fight with their weaknesses. Knowledge of athletes is undoubtedly the basis for betting. Currently, getting information about sportsmen of interest is not a problem and such knowledge will definitely help us predict correctly. Information should be looked for not only in special magazines and websites but also in social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are perfect sources of information, often at first hand.
  • Psychic endurance plays not a less role in this discipline than preparation and current condition. Sometimes sportsmen do not take it mentally and are not able to repeat their results from trainings during important tournaments, especially the most prestigious ones.
  • Tournament’s place of holding – there are such athletes who prefer to perform in closed buildings, and there are such who are more confident at open stadiums.
  • An athlete’s age has huge importance – young sportsmen are full of enthusiasm on the one hand, but cannot be able to withstand such huge pressure mentally. Experienced sportsmen in their turn, performing at different stadiums, are not afraid of TV cameras and huge number of spectators.
  • Results and successes at previous competitions – you should definitely track the history of sportsmen’s performances. Additionally, in case of Olympic Games the older athletes, who still haven’t won the Olympic medals, will do everything possible to get them.
  • A tournament’s prestige – it is known that the higher is the rank and prize fund of the competition, the more motivation sportsmen have. You should look for surprises in less prestigious friendly tournaments.

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