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The Influence of the Aureola Effect in placing bets on sports

One of the most popular errors of the fresh, newby punters is depending on their intuition and fifth sense, often called the sports betting punter’s hunch. Placing bets in accordance with such feeling, many times proves to be unsuccessful, especially for the long-term profit from sports betting. It is like that because of wrongful image of the players and teams and how the punter mistakenly think about their quality, status and value at the moment of placing the bet. This, some sort of delusional vision of the reality in sports betting, but not only there, is often called the Aureola Effect. In this article, we will analyse the Aureola Effect in sports betting as well as explain its influence on the decisions punters made in their sports betting and how harmful sometimes it can be for making a successful sports bet.

What is the Aureola Effect in sports betting?

Our first example, showing the psychological aspect of the Aureola Effect in sports betting is that of man who thinks that a girl he recently met have to be funny, kind and intelligent because she had a stunning smile and she smelled nice. Is this reasonable? Probably not, but many people think like that. Let us give an example of a woman who though a man she just met is probably not so smart, aggressive and lazy, just because he did not smile when he shook her hand and did not seem like a nice guy overall. This psychological occurrence has been analysed for centuries and is something that humans cannot change, after all, it is innate to their human nature to judge the book by its cover and very often make wrongful assumptions. Often, the personal behaviourists, psychologists and other scientific experts describe this thing as the Aureola Effect.

You can find the full article about the Aureola Effect and its influence on sports betting here.

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