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Tottenham big wins and Kane's Golden Boot

Premier league

Suprising ending of the season for Tottenham with two big wins and Harry Kane retaining the Premier League Golden Boot title with 29 goals.

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Last two results of the London-based team were quite suprising for both football fans and punters. And although some people belonging to these groups, such as Tottenham supporters, are very pleased with such finish of the season, the majority of punters lost their money on that two games. It was quite obvious Tottenham would win both matches, but nobody expected so much goals (13) in the last two games of the season, with secured second place in the Premier League and Champions League spot, everyone expected Mauricio Pochettino to give some playing time to the subsitute players and youngsters...

Before the game with Leicester, only a handful of people predicted that Tottenham would win and score more than 3 goals, but it is doubtful that anyone predicted that they would trash the former Premier League champions 1:6! Most bookmakers, such as Ladbrokes or BetVictor offered evens odds (2.00) for Spurs win and if someone somehow managed to predict the correct score in that match, he is probably very rich right now as the odds for 1:6 win for Tottenham were around 200/1 (201.00)!

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After the game with the Foxes, both punters and bookmakers expected another big win for Tottenham, but surely nobody was prepared for the 1:7 trashing of Hull City and another hattrick from Harry Kane who secured his second consecutive Premier League Golden Boot award. It is worth saying that before last two matches of the season, it all seemed like Everton's Romelu Lukaku will finally win his first Premier League Golden Boot award. The Belgian striker was the bookmakers favourite for the English top division top goal-scorer title with 24 goals, right behind him was Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez who netted 23 goals with Kane being third with 22 goals. But as Tottenham destroyed their last two opponents, they scored an astonishing 13 goals in those matches, with Harry Kane scoring 7 goals (Two hattricks). This elevated him from the third position, right to the top. It is even more impressive when you remember that he skipped more than three months of this season due to an injury. 

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