Bookmaker's profit already included in bet price.

Bookmakers always assess the risk and give us odds for every event. They, first, calculate the actual odds and then in order to make profit offer tipsters a sort of lower prices. The difference between the actual odds and the ones offered by bookmakers is called margin. The lower the margin the higher the odds offered to us and therefore the bigger winnings.

Margin depends on a couple of different factors:

  • Bookmaker's position - the thing is that the top online bookmakers have the lowest margin on the market because their offer is more focused on the top-tier punters;
  • The event status - the less popular is the event the higher are the risks of facing losses, therefore, there will be a bigger margin imposed by the bookmaker. For example, the margin will be bigger in the Slovakian 2nd hockey league event than in the Champions League;
  • The type of bet - regardless of the event, the more popular is a type of bet the lower is the margin. In case of 1X2, Over/Under or Both To Score type of bets the margin will be lower than in case of red cards or first throw-in bets.

Betting margin

Online Bookmakers

Online Bookmakers

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